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Aim: To see the effect of water temperature on salt.

Hypothesis: If the temperature of the water is increased the time taken for the salt to dissolve completely will be shorter.

Heat proof mat
Bunsen burner
Gauze mat
Electronic Balance
2 beakers
Measuring cylinder
Stirring rod
Safety glasses
Plastic spoon

Take beaker and fill with 100ml of water
Measure 5 grams of salt, put aside
Place beaker over Bunsen burner
Hold thermometer just above base of beaker
Heat to desired temperature
Remove from Bunsen burner and place on heat proof mat
Add prepared salt and start timer
Use stirring rod to stir until salt is dissolved
Stop timer and record time
Repeat process three times over to ensure it is a fair test Repeat entire method for each temperature

The results of this experiment show that salt dissolves quicker in water with a higher temperature. In the 15 tests that were completed, only two were unreliable proving the theory that was given in the hypothesis and completing the aim of the experiment. Errors:

Errors that occurred within the experiment were such as overheating the water, and having to begin again, adding to much salt to the heated water and forgetting to start the timer after having put salt in the heated water. Improvements:

Improvement that could have been made are


As proved in the experiment the time taken for salt to dissolve is shorter the higher the water temperature is. The results prove this theory. In the fifteen tests that were completed only two of these were completed incorrectly making them unreliable. This proves my hypothesis and completes the aim of the experiment.

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