The Effects Of Medical Advances Essay Sample

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Everyone’s dream is to have a long life. Recently, it has become possible with the advancement in medicine. Many scientists are still doing research and experiments so that people live longer. In my view, medical advances should allow people to live with the people whom they like for a long time but it also disrupts the natural balance. First of all, the most important thing is the time which we spend with the people whom we like. If they die earlier than us and, we think we haven’t enough time together, we feel more upset. To illustrate, I would like to explore the whole world with my family but I don’t have enough money and know if my parents live until I find the opportunity to explore the whole world. Therefore, when they die, we might not do what we want to do with them.

Another reason is that nobody wants to die early. Everybody thinks they have a lot of thing to do before they die so they seek the solution to live longer. At the same time, people want to be healthier and live without being sick. The last but not the least, saving people with medical advances disrupts the natural balance. Medical advances offer people to a longer life. Therefore, the human population is increasing day by day. This causes many problems such as famine and drought. In summary, it can be said that medical advances have an important role in human life so that people have a better life although it disrupts the natural selection. In spite of everything, living a long life is desirable for many of people.

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