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Introduction of TOPIC

Malcolm: Hello and thank you for tuning to CRN podcast session with Malcolm Smith, today we talk the effects of mobile phones in society. Most people use mobile phones, not just in Europe but worldwide. For example Adults, youngers, teenagers, elderly and moreover children. I have with me today is a special guest Diana Moore, she specializes in technology and society being, take it away Diana.

Diana: Thanks you for that wonderful introduction Malcolm. So basically like you said a wide range of people use mobile phones, their uses of mobile phones is for communication. Technology is developing rapidly these days, and mobile phones have the biggest effect on bring new technology to the palm of your hands. Nowadays people do not only use mobile phones for phoning other people, they also use it to surf the internet, taking videos and pictures and listen to music and especially cheating. People are using mobil

e phones what watching TV, cooking, having breakfast, looking after their children but mostly in the

car, mobile phones have a big impact on society, I mean how many people know how mobile phones effect on their lives?

Some of the main reasons why people use a mobile phones, is that you can communicate everywhere because it is portable, it is also very handy for emergency reasons, fashion it has no become a fashion to have a nice phone you can just pull out in front of everyone of everywhere, but be careful people might get jealous and might do bad things. You could also find someone if he/she is not home or at some other place because they are within a possession of a mobile phone. It is very easy to carry everywhere you go, for example your bag or pocket. Mobile phones can also be a life saver, if you happen to need the assistance of police or a fire brigade, you can connect easily to receive help.

This may all sound good to you but there is also and bad side to all of this technology, you will have the possibility of getting cancer and becoming deaf, health problems may occur it can only not affect you but the environment. You could also become addicted to it. This could have a very bad impact to our health in society. Diana: How could this have a very bad impact to our health Diana? Malcolm: well Malcolm, not many people know that mobile phones extend radiation this could danger your health, if affects your ears, brain and heart negatively.

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