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At present the Marine Corps is forever changing and growing with today’s technology, new concepts and ideas. We are a world apart from our big brothers who served before us, but one thing the Marine Corps has always relied on to get the job done is its backbone, the Noncommissioned Officer.

The Marine Noncommissioned Officer still stands today holding that legacy of the firm, fair, and just leader our corps holds so near and dear to its heart. We, Noncommissioned officers, keep that alive by upholding the history and traditions set forth by “The Old Breed”. This is what sets Marine Noncommissioned Officers and the rest of the fleet aside from other branches of service. It is the history, traditions and knowledge passed down that are carried on today, that allow our Marine Corps to take leaps and bounds above and beyond the rest.

The modern Noncommissioned Officer carries on our traditions by setting the example for the others to emulate. He is the embodiment of honor, courage and commitment. It is our small unit leadership that the Marine Corps has been so famous for in the past and is being implemented by todays noncommissioned officer, on and off the field of battle developing new Marines and influencing the old. The modern Noncommissioned Officer still carries that bulldog attitude, enforcing the discipline that is vital in developing subordinate Marines. That is an attribute and tool that Noncommissioned Officers have been famous for since 1775 and is still being carried into our future.

One very important duty the modern Noncommissioned Officer has today is enforcing the Corps rules, regulations, and standards. Just as our predecessors before us were, we are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping the junior ranks within the guide lines set forth by our past and present leaders. It is our duty to these young men and women to teach them the importance of the uniform they wear, its history and the pride that lies in its very stitching. It is our responsibility to ensure our Marines are physically fit, properly groomed and are of sound mind and discipline. Holding our Marines to the regulations and standards means that we are passing on “Espirit de Corps”. Not only are we passing on the age old tradition, but it also keeps them informed of our Marine Corps’ current standards that have been held and developed by our proud past.

The most valuable thing the modern Noncommissioned Officers can pass on to our little brothers and sister is our history. When we are able to teach our subordinates about past Marines, where they have been, and what they have done we can inspire them. Teaching junior Marines about the trials and tribulations of not only infamous Marines, but of our own experiences, will help them in overcoming what we have already gone through in the past. It will push them further in the right direction than our Corps’ founders could have ever imagined. Noncommissioned Officers are still the binding substance that is keeping the Marine Corps’ history and traditions alive. We have, and will continue to put forth our relentless dedication that will forever set in stone what we have been, what we are, and what we will be.

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