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For many years now men has been in charge of the world. Men was always seen as the “strong gen-der. and there are many examples of how women, has always been the “weak gender”. For example the right for women to vote were given in Denmark in 1915, and some places in the middle east women are still not allowed to vote. Women has throughout the world history fought hard for equality, and Hanna Rosin writes about the fact that women now has the majority of the jobs in the U.S, and how centuries fight for equality has finally paid off. In the very first line Hanna states that the majority of the U.S workforce now belongs to women for the first time in the history. Then she mentions the fact, that for every 2 men completing college, three women will do the same. From these two facts she raises the question: “What if modern, postindustrial society is simply better suited to women?” , and she uses the sperm clinic, Microsort, interviews with women who goes to college and she talks to the biologist Ronald Ericsson to answer the question and to argue for her statements.

The title “The End of Men” isn’t because all men 100 years from now will be entirely exterminated, but actually it can be interpreted in two ways: The first way is the end of men controlling the world, and the second is that women wants their kids to be daughters and not sons. Ronald Ericsson discovered in the 1970´s a way to separate the Y chromosome from sperm, and in the 1990’s Ericsson look at the numbers for the clinics using his method, and discovered that the ratio in some were 2 to 1 girls favor. That shows us that the “The End of Men” already started back in the 90’s, and that couples wants girls instead of boys. Earlier everybody wanted a boy because they were strong and responsible for the family and putting food on the table, and the woman had to stay home and take care of all the household chores. The woman has changed a lot the last centu-ries.

Now a modern woman focuses on her career and the household is split between the man and wife. “Why wouldn’t you choose a girl?” . This question isn’t something you hear every day, because this new trend of wanting girls is new, and even and old cowboy like Ericsson who lived during the “the era of men” admits that girls has become “better” than boys and that the era of men very well could end soon. “Women live longer than men. They do in this economy. More of ’em graduate from college. They go into space and do everything men do, and sometimes they do it a whole lot better. I mean, hell, get out of the way – these females are going to leave us males in the dust.” The question is why the girls suddenly has become more popular that boys, and a woman in Cookie magazine says “women of our generation want daughters precisely because we like who we are.”

The reason why couples want girls is because the women in the relationship is in charge. She gets the final call because she is carrying the baby for 9 months, and they want their child to grow up to be a success, and apparently most people think females will have a higher chance of being successful. Why are the women suddenly in charge of the world? Is it because women fits into the before men-tioned modern and postindustrial society, because they have developed further from the mankind and we are dealing with a new species, or can this sudden change in society be explained technolog-ic and common sense? There are many hypothesis and Hanna Rosin has a theory where the recession all over the world is the major factor. She states that because mothers or women have their mother instinct they take better care of their jobs, and that men are not needed in the workforce, because women can do the job more efficient and better. It is clear to all who reads this text that Hanna Rosin is a spokes’man’ for all women across the world. She wants the reader to realize that women are better men, and for men to realize that they are no longer “the strong gender”.

Her argue for that is actually that women are becoming more and more like men. They behave like dominating gender: “In fact, the more women dominate, the more they behave, fittingly, like the dominant sex” , in this quote she says that women behave after the rank of dominance they have, and afterwards she supports her statement with the fact that the rate of violent middle-aged women has increased in tact with the raising female dominance. In the start the basic statements and believes are presented to the receiver, which is all the potential readers of the article, and she convinces us to believe that she is speaking the truth using a lot of logos arguments. Logos arguments makes Hanna reliable, as it is hard to argue against facts, and she uses experts to really make us believe that her claims are true.

The article is written in a way that it can’t be misinterpreted, and Hanna Rosin’s opinions are not to discuss. She makes the reader think that all the sudden men has absolutely no power what so ever. It’s not very trusting as common sense will tell us that women maybe getting more jobs, but not that they run the world. The crisis in the world also has an impact, women and men starts to get into each other’s jobs, but isn’t that just a result of women being respected by men in a way they weren’t in earlier years. I don’t think the text is very reliable because it’s written by a women, who clearly has set her mind on one belief, and she might as well some power-seeking crazy lady who has something against men in general.

How will the changes Hanna Rosin speak off impact the way we live today? Will women be able of running the world exclusively, or will the jobs were strong physics is a must still belong to men? I really do not know, but one thing is for sure, the women doesn’t run the world and NO, men can’t be a missing factor in a single society in the world. I believe in a world where everyone has the same opportunities, where equality, freedom and justice is obligated from the richest director living in a beach house to the criminal druggie living on the streets.

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