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The Environment is the Physical or Natural and Human Surroundings Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The environment is extremely important as it can affect the way in which humans, plants and animals live. There are many people who rely on their environment especially humans and animals. Over a few years there have been quite a few problems with the earth and its ozone layer causing worry that it might become a giant ‘Greenhouse’. In the future there could be many problems to come like causing ice caps to melt and cause the earth to flood. There are numerous ways in which the people in our society can make the world a better place. The people could help by making more open space, planting trees, cleaning rubbish. The environment is made worse by people littering, graffiti, smog from cars and factory waste. These entire elements demoralise the environment.

The quality of which an environment stands at is a big issue, but it is difficult to decide what makes the environment better or what makes the environment worse. It is purely an opinion.

Living or working in a city is a big problem as it affects the quality of an environment.

1) Old roads make driving big vehicles like buses and lorries extremely difficult

2) Old houses and factories need repair which can come out to be very expensive.

3) Crime, vandalism and graffiti make cities extremely unpleasant.

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justify;">4) Traffic causes congestion, accidents, noise and air pollution.

I have considered this subject in my study of different areas within London a major city. I have come to a conclusion that the greater distance from the centre of London I am in, the more pleasant it is to live in it. This is also affected by the age of the area, wealth and whether or not residents own there own homes.

One way forward for cities would be to encourage developments in areas that have been used before by demolishing derelict properties and clearing factories etc. This would make living in the inner city more pleasant. The areas would also be more environmentally friendly than continuing to develop on new land on the sparse parts of the city which would cause things like urban sprawl.

The condition of our environment should have concerned us all. It is also a factor that affects us all. Protecting the environment is very important and we should all do a little something to achieve a better life and place to live. In turn we can as a neighbour hood keep noise levels to a minimum. As a householder or gardener we can reduce energy consumption by adding double glazing. As a gardener encourage wildlife in ponds. As a shopper buy recycled products where possible, do not buy over packaged food. As a consumer we can reduce waste by reusing most of our products e.g. reusing plastic carrier bags.

This will not only help protect our environment but could also save us money and improve our health.

I will be studying about the London Borough of Newham. Newham is a Borough in which the London 2012 Olympics will be held in. The stadium and tracks will be built in and around Hackney/Stratford and will be built on a Brown field site which is a site that has been previously used. This is good as it will be good for the environment. A bit like using old land and like recycling old land.

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