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There are many ways of viewing the ethical system and far too many to even explore. I will give a brief explanation as to how the ethical system is applied both negative and positive. Individuals share different ideas in reference to what is right or wrong and if communities differ and can’t seem to compromise then they have different ethical system and most likely will be affected in a positive or negative way.

The Ethical System
The way I view the Ethical System
An Ethical System is simply a way of describing what’s important to you and how you view life as a whole. After carefully learning the many ways of how the ethical system is looked at, it helped me to better understand the meaning and what role it plays. The ethical system can be interpreted in many ways and the one I found to be close to the way I think is the Act of Utilitarianism. The reason I feel confident about my decision is because being positive is something I practice each and every day. It is very important that I succeed in life and I want to continue to set good examples. I feel it is important to be good for it will keep me healthy, and my loved ones will continue to respect and look up to me for continued advice. It is very easy for us to be negative because we have to work extra hard to be good. The average person feels it is much harder to eat right, exercise, go to school and strive to have a high grade point average and I totally agree. That’s why I said the “average” person they’re pretty much viewed in that manner.

I’m not saying it is good or bad it’s just the way of the world and each person is different and thinks differently. I’m also very grateful for everything that is happening in my life. I’ve made a tremendous amount of mistakes in my life time and I’m am glad that I experienced them because I’ve not only learned from my mistakes, I can teach my love ones not to do what I did. They have the choice to listen and learn or simply learn the hard way as I did. As long as they can learn from their mistakes and maybe one day they may teach someone close to them what not to do as I taught them. I look at mistakes as learning tools and how it has encouraged me to work hard and strive to be the best in what I do. It is such a happy feeling to gain knowledge about the different ways life can be viewed by following simple steps in life. What may be simple steps to me may be difficult steps for the next person. As long as you’ve gained something in life that you can clearly be proud of and understand that the true meaning of utilitarianism is solely on doing good and getting positive feedback from your love ones and your community. Why is the Ethical System Important?

The Ethical System is very important because we need to understand the difference between what is right from wrong. Although individuals may interpret what they feel may be the right or the wrong thing to do having morals brings us closer to making a conscious decision. There are many ways the ethical system can be viewed and just to name a few are the following: Honesty, Objectivity, Integrity, Carefulness, Openness, and Respect for Intellectual Property, Confidentiality, and Non-Discrimination. In ethics the term “good” covers a broad spectrum of judgments and it can give rise to much ambiguity. Problems arise both in attempting to define the term and in deciding what behaviors will lead one to the “good’. But there is another significant problem that must be faced, namely, the way disputes in judgments about the good are resolved. Suppose there is a disagreement about the practice of dumping toxic waste. One individual considers it to be morally repugnant and bases her claim on the natural law context for determining the good.

Another individual considers it to be morally permissible and does so based upon utilitarian framework. There is no possibility for resolving this dispute unless one of the disputants changes her moral system (ETHICAL SYSTEMS IN BUSINESS ETHICS). Recognizing how to resolve ethical disputes plays a tremendous role in our decision making. For one, it helps us identify the situation in a professional manner before it gets out of control and a positive solution may resolve the battle. On the other hand, if having morals is not of importance a simple argument can turn out to be a very bad situation. It’s nothing wrong with having your own thoughts and disagreeing with someone. It should be handled in a respectful manner and since we have to represent ourselves at home, at work, and in public we should know how to properly settle disputes without situations getting out of control. Although in some cases a third party may have to help resolve matters keeping them in control. Pleasure or Pain?

I would like to say that we all agree that pleasure is more pleasing than pain. But the question is what may be pleasurable to me may be someone else pain and it’s a question no one can’t figure out. Each individual has different views, feelings, likes and or dislikes and we have to find that peace within ourselves which determines what is right or wrong. For example, I enjoy being healthy and for that reason I have a healthy lifestyle. It is hard work because I sacrifice and I go to the gym while on my lunch break and sometimes workout twice a day. I’ve had people call me crazy because I chose to work extra hard to accomplish my goal. It’s what makes me feel good from the inside out and although it causes me great pain sometimes, it’s a good pain that I can deal with.

On the other hand, throwing Christians to the lions in the coliseum for the amusement of the crowd is pure sickness in my opinion. We have to also look at the time as to when this took place. It happened in ancient Rome when there were no televisions, radios, videos etc. They thought in their minds that it was a great way to entertain the crowds. I’m not trying to justify this behavior because this was wrong and no one should be killed or tortured to satisfy someone else. The Utilitarian may worry that such games will coarsen habits and breed more violence in the streets of Rome; or lead to fear and trembling among prospective victims that they, too, might one day be tossed to the lions (Sandel, 2007, p.37).

There are many ways of looking at the Ethical System and everyone has their own personal feelings as to how they feel decisions should be made. That is why we have rules and laws that have to be obeyed. What may appear to be right in your mind may be very wrong to someone else. No one will ever understand why a person may do harm to someone and continue to live without guilt. On the other hand, someone may be too generous and forgiving even after they’ve been hurt many times. The Ethical System will never make sense to the next person, but as long as we understand the basic morals that define our life and the people who are close to us, it should help us have a controlled lifestyle.


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