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The Ethics Game Dilemma Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The Ethics Game Simulation is a tool created to teach how the decision-making process affects various stakeholders, and the ethical value of the decision determinations. Business organizations have encountered new challenges of ethical awareness with the increased globalization of industries and markets. People of many cultures, social statuses, and religions are joined in various business opportunities and projects via the World Wide Web. Core values of many companies must consider general humanity as the employee versus specific geographic regions of people and societies. The various results of the Ethics Game Dilemma placed values on decisions made throughout the simulation based on Cathryn Baird’s “Four Core Lenses; rights, relationships, results, and reputation” (Center of Education for Law and Democracy, 2010, para. 1). The lenses take into account the decision-making process impacting individuals, a group of people, the pending result, and the effect on reputation. One decision in an organization could have impact on many people within the organization. A decision that may seem ethical for one may have detrimental consequences for others.

The company in the scenario is G-Bio sport; a manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements and products. The company has been in existence for approximately 22 years (as of 2012), and has experienced much success and expansion. The company developed a set of core values in which to operate the business and employee relations. These core values consist of human dignity and respect, self-management/development, maintaining customer focus, collaboration, accountability, openness, and operating with a sense of transparency. During new hire orientation, employees receive a handbook detailing the governing rules and the policies of the company. Each employee is required to sign acknowledgement of the Non-Disclosure Agreement which states:

Our success ultimately depends on our competitive edge and efforts to safeguard sensitive and confidential information. Therefore, we consider it your responsibility to safeguard confidential information regarding the Company, its suppliers, its contractors, its licensees, its licensors, its investors, its corporate partners, its board members, its advisors, its customers, or even

fellow employees, obtained in connection with your employment. We consider it to be one of your most

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important responsibilities not to reveal or divulge any such information unless it is necessary for you to do so in the performance of your duties. You should remember that access to confidential information should be on a “need-to-know” basis and must be authorized by your manager. Any breach of this guideline will not be tolerated and legal action may be taken by the Company. Consult the At-Will, Confidential Information, Invention Assignment and Arbitration Agreement for further details about your confidentiality obligations. (University of Phoenix, 2012).

The first scenario presented a breach of the Non-Disclosure Agreement by an anonymous source on a blogging web-site that revealed confidential information. Whereas 90% of the information was regarded either positive or neutral, the blog contained confidential information not to be released to the public. The perpetrator was identified by another employee in the Information Technology (IT) Department through illegal means; the IT guy hacked into the blogging employee’s home computer. A decision needed consideration on how best to proceed with disciplinary processes for these two individuals (if any) and their continued employment within the company. In regard to the decision-making process, the stakeholder’s (the people most affected by the decision) behaviors must be considered, the rights of the stakeholders, the responsibility of roles within the company, and which options best represent the culmination of these factors. The decision to terminate the employment of both individuals is based in reason and fairness, within legal guidelines, and considered ethical determinations.

Maintaining the employment of either individual could mean condoning policy violations and illegal activities if the company is to remain fair and equal in future judgments. The termination of the employees minimizes legal risks to the company, satisfies shareholders, executives, and maintains the values of the corporate core values. The second scenario regarded the safety of employees through increased security measures for access to the facilities, and religious freedoms that could be denied through security protocols. Picture identification badges have been suggested as an added protective measure for all employees. Women of Muslim faith who wear burkas believe photo identifications may infer on their religious beliefs by requiring them to show their face for identification purposes.

The decision-making process for this scenario required fairness for all with regard to special circumstances. The safety of employees and company property must be a top priority, while not infringing on the rights of the employees. It is important the employees understand the processes, how the processes will be employed and monitored, and the ability for employees to voice opinions or concerns regarding the new measures to be taking place. Various circumstances may require special consideration; religious infringements, disabilities, visiting workers, and expansion projects. The decision to implement the photo identification system moved forward; with measures for accommodating special needs. This decision comes with no legal liabilities for the company, enforces the ideals of maintaining a safe working environment, deals with continued safety measures, and builds moral among workers.


Center of Education for Law and Democracy. (2010, August). Four Core Lenses: Ethical Decision-Making. Retrieved from , http://www.lawnaddemocracy.org/xcellens.html University of Phoenix. (2012, Spring). Ethics Game Simulation. Retrieved from http://ethicsgame.com/Exec/Corpgame/AsessmentB.aspx#

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