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The European Union Essay Sample

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The European Union Essay Sample

            The European Union barely survived after the new constitution was rejected by voters in 2005.  One of the principal concerns of the citizens of France is that the individual powers of each nation might be less than what they currently are.  To some people, this idea holds promise.  Many people are disenchanted with their national governments. To these people, the European Union can provide an alternative. In light of the failure in 2005 for the resolution of the European Union’s constitution, perhaps the European Union can use the principles of brand marketing to gather more votes towards its next ratification.

            Many studies have been done exploring brand loyalty by consumers.  The benefits of the European Union can be viewed as products.  As such, the European Union becomes a brand of government.  It promotes universal currency, ease of movement, protection for human rights, and a competitive economic system.  Consumers form relationships to the brands they use and choose.  When local governments are viewed as brands, it is easy to discern some of the factors that lead to brand loyalty – 1) consistency, 2) accommodation, 3) interdependence.  Good governments recognize these factors and can sell themselves to the populace.  The European Union can use these traits to market itself to the populace of Europe.

            With successful marketing strategies, the brand EU stands a strong chance of survival.  People who feel their relationships with local governments lack consistency, accommodation, and interdependence can look to the EU to provide these supports.  Also as a brand, EU is easily recognizable.  It is also easily propagated.  The European Union does not need to advertise itself as a replacement for local governments, either.  It can present itself as a complement to local governments, appealing to those in the member countries who feel disenfranchised or as if they have no voice.  Many young people now growing up in EU member states can form more of an identity with the EU model as a viable power source in the world, than they can with their home nation.

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