The Factors That Can Affect The Health in the Public of the U.K Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

There are several factors and these are;

Housing The areas that the population live in are split in to two areas and these areas are the city (urban) or the countryside (rural). Over the last century more people have been moving to the cities to find work after the industrial revolution. This has led to a variety of different housing in the United Kingdom and some of it is old and it unsuitable for habitation yet people still live in these conditions as they have no other option. Some of the health problems that could occur are diseases caused by the conditions such as dry rot that can affect people’s health and cause people great difficulty with dealing with these diseases.

Also over crowding can become a problem as working class families are more likely to be overcrowded then middle class and this can affect health by living in close conditions disease are passed easier and germs are much more rife. The area in which someone lives can also affect their Physical, intellectual, emotional and social health it can affect the mental health by making them afraid to go out in to their own community. The government is spending millions on trying to improve local authority housing and the local communities but also the local amenities.

Agriculture & Food Production
Chemicals used on food when being grown can cause diverse effect on people health with chemicals entering the body and

can cause great problems within the body. Food shortages can cause prices to rise which not only can

stop people from buying the food due to short supply but the working class may not be able to afford these products so they tend to by processed food that are more affordable but the problem is that the processed food have no nutritional value to them. This is leading to more disease such as coronary heart disease and liver disease and it is can lead to obesity but it also this can be affected by which area of the United Kingdom the person lives in either it be nationally or internationally.

The government has launched and initiative called choosing health making healthy: Choices Easier in which the government aims to protect children, to personalize support to meet the needs of the individual patient and to work together to develop relationships across the different communities.

Eductation –

Poor education can a number of effects on a person’s health. The first reason is that if children are not educated properly they might not understand that some foods are unhealthier then say other foods. Another reason is that that due to poor education a person may not have a poorly paid job and due to this they cannot afford to buy healthier food and to lead a active and healthy lifestyle which can affect them by which area we live in and the school we attend such as a person from a private school is much more likely to get a job enter training or go to college after they have left school where a person from a public school is more likely to live on the “dole” then someone from a private school.

Also more school are holding sex education lesson to try to make teens aware of the danger of unprotected sex and the pregnancy is growing in number each year as more and more teenaged girl a getting pregnant but a girl from a middle class background is less likely to get pregnant in her teens then a girl from a working class background. Also that is possible to catch is not only STI’S and STD’s by having unprotected sex. The government has brought in a lot more teaching in school and in some school the sex education lessons are compulsory and must be attended unless the pupil’s parents opt for them not to attend that particular lesson.

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