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The start of World War I most people had forgotten what war was actually like. After all, there had not been a major European war for over a century. People were living boring and glum lives, young men were restless, with unemployment high and no education. There were suffragette riots taking place by the score and public outcry to the government by the dozen. In August 1914 the outbreak of war seemed a glorious adventure in a foreign and far a way land.

Tim, a man in his early twenties was a coal miner who suffered deeply from asthma. He had wanted to quit his job ever since he had started. Once home he decided to explain to his family who were fairly wealthy and lived a normal life that he couldn’t carry on with his job and he wanted to do what was right for his country and fight against the Germans. They were shocked and astonished and also frightened thinking why would he want to join the war. They knew that there was nothing they could do stop him joining the front line it is like suicide.

Tim realised that he may not come back but he knew it was the right choice. Before going off to fight he had to learn all the techniques and skill into surviving the battle and also how to fire a rifle. After a few weeks in the late 1914’s he was equipped and ready. He was prepared to leave his family at all costs. It was not until he had got there he realised how bad it was.

While in the trenches Tim had come into contact with two other men also fighting in battle beside him there names where John and James who where both brothers. They were both also extremely worried about battle. The first shot had been fired. It was a deadly shot, right in the arm of a German officer. After a few days I had become good friends with John and James. It was hurting us all being at the front line, all was being thought about was our families and returning to them alive. It was extremely gloomy and dark. The trenches were muddy and also bleak. It was a nightmare. Because of the poor conditions other men in our platoon were sufferings immensely trying to fight off desieses.

It had been about 4 months now and still the fighting was at full throttle. Tim had been given the opportunity to move back from the front lines as he been there for a long time. He refused, as he wanted to stay and fight with his friends that he had met no so long ago. This was a huge risk as many of the other members of the platoon wanted to retreat back and couldn’t. The German where using their artillery which was pushing the English forces back. They had also the use of planes, which was an advantage for them, as the English didn’t have the use of the type of artillery the Germans had.

Most of the German artillery had been destroyed so it was much easier for the English to capture German forces with the help of there artillery. The food was extremely limited as the transport for food supply’s had been cut off. It would be delivered by sea if road transport were not in use.

The purpose of digging a trench was for protection from enemy gunfire. The trenches stretched from the channel to the frontiers of Switzerland. They became waterlogged and muddy. British soldiers ate, slept and stood guard in the mud. To attack the enemy they had to go over the top of the trench and face enemy machine guns.

Before the war Britain and Germany had each tried to build a huge fleet of warships. When the war started each side was reluctant to risk its fleet in a big battle in fear of losing it.

When war started in 1914,people said it would be over by Christmas.

In the end the war was won by a long, hard and expensive trail of strength, which Tim had to face. While in battle Tim had stepped on a mine laid by German soldiers and had to be rushed to a field hospital. There was no way of saving unless they had to amputate on his legs. Doctors had to go through with the operation weather they liked it or not. James and John were worried about him. They were waiting in the Hospital for him to return. He did return but dead. John and James were shocked and new they had to return back to London to explain to the parents about the loss of their son.

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