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The fifth agreement is a way of self-evaluation and extra worries. The author of the novel is don Miguel luiz. He describes different processes that we go through throughout our journey from being young to old, different agreements that we make with ourselves. Awareness, symbols, truth, doubt, belief, dreams are some of the concepts that the author discusses throughout the novel. When we are born we are here convey a

convey a message to the world, the message is us. We are the angles, the messenger. The program is in our DNA which matures as we grow older and older our mind and body develops. We start to use symbology to convey our message, these symbols vary from places to places but the meaning is same. We give meaning to the symbols then we start believing in the symbols and use them to convey the message that we have in us.

The process of growing up is called domestication, we learn different symbols throughout the aging process, we use these symbols to create the meaning to this world. We believe in the meaning of the symbols, When we have awareness we can we have the power to create anything what we believe in and then we never lose control over our own creation. The moment we see that we are the one who creates the structure of our beliefs, this helps us to recover faith in ourselves. When there is no more belief system we become very flexible. We create anything we want to create; we can do anything we want to do. We invest our faith in anything we want to believe. When we have faith in ourselves instead of belief we start to make our own creation and our sufferings start to disappear.

The agreement that we have made with ourselves they are easy to break then There are two kinds of truths: one is real truth and the other is virtual truth. Real truth is the truth that we can not change which is real e.g the earth is round, the sky is blue. We cant change these truth but what we can change is our perception about them and this is called virtual truth. Virtual truth that is what we think is the true. What is truth is truth for everyone but virtual truth is our personal creation and its our art, and its only truth for each one of us. The truth is objective we call it science, our interpretation of the truth is subjective we call it art. We should question the truth; we can use the power of the doubt to see the intent behind the truth.

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