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The story begins with the admission of Mitch McDeere to Bendini, Lambert, and Locke. It is a law firm established for the practice of their profession. In the partnership, Mcknight is the assigned managing partner which means that he has all the necessary and incidental powers to carry out the object of the partnership in the transaction of its business. But then, the admission of Mitch was agreed upon by all the partners since Mitch shows great potential of being successful in the future. The firm gave him large salary, a new car, and even a house. But, without his knowledge, Mitch is being monitored by the firm through putting wiretaps in his house and even in his phone. This act is against the law since it violates Mitch’s right to have privacy. As Mitch works for the firm, he starts to discover the bad side of it. Mitch’s doubts begin when he discovered the death of its four lawyers. If we noticed, the partnership continues even after the death of several partners, so their partnership might be a limited one. His suspicions had been supported and proved by the files he accidently discovered. Those files show that the partnership is involved in an unlawful business. This is contrary to the law that states that partnership business must have a lawful object. These are all well-kept secrets from those outside the firm and even to the new associates such as Mitch.

This act is a violation in every partner’s right to have knowledge on the transactions affecting the firm. Later on the movie, Mitch was approached by FBI agents who were currently investigating the partnership. They wanted Mitch’s help with collecting documents that would help their investigation because Mitch, as a partner, has the right to ask for partnership books. At first, Mitch decided to cooperate to them. However, he realized that what he is doing will contradict the oath he made when he passed the bar exam which is to uphold his position with the highest of standards and maintain the confidentiality of the attorney-client privileges. So, he thinks of other ways to reveal the illegal doings of the partnership. Instead of providing FBI with the documents needed to prosecute the partnership, he gave them mail invoices showing the overbilled charges the firm asks to its clients for providing their services. But, before he makes the papers open to the public, he gets authorization of all the clients of their firm. Though it is a lesser offense, it is still punishable by law. And once the partnership is found guilty, its profits and instruments of the crime shall be confiscated in favor of the state since the object of their business is unlawful.

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