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The five main food groups of balanced diet Essay Sample

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The five main food groups of balanced diet Essay Sample

Healthy eating means having the right amount of nutrients and minerals which help to give us energy and keep us healthy. In order to get nutrients, we need to have a balanced diet which contains the adequate amount of nutrients from different food groups. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals etc. The five main food groups of balanced diet are 1. Carbohydrates. This group contains starchy foods such as pasta, rice, oats, potatoes, noodles, yam, green bananas, sweet potato, millet, couscous, breads, breakfasts cereals, barley and rye.

… 2. Protein. … 3. Milk and dairy products. … 4. Fruit and vegetables. … 5. Fats and sugars. Healthy eating helps to combat diseases, improves immune system, memory and concentration, gives us energy and keep us active and fit. Food and drink requirements in relation to current frameworks (1. 3) According to the food and drink requirements in the statutory framework 2017, early years settings should provide healthy meals and snacks to all the children in their care.

It is their responsibility to find out any special dietary or health requirements, preferences or food allergies of all the children at the time they start to come to the setting. They should keep accurate records of all the special dietary information provided by parents and carers. In my setting, practitioners keep the records of the dietary requirements of all the children on displays so that all the members of staff can be aware of them. Early years settings must have members of staff who are trained in food hygiene. They should provide snacks and meals in the designated snack area.

They take good care of the hygiene while preparing and handling food. They wash all the utensils using sterilizing tablets. They wear gloves and aprons while serving and making food. The statutory guidance also suggests that if a food poisoning incident happens in the setting which affects two or more children then this must be disclosed to the Ofsted or the childminding agency. If the providers do not inform the incident within 14 days without any reasonable excuse then this comes under committing an offence and violation of requirement.

National and local initiatives which promote healthy eating (1. 2) The Eat Better, Start Better programme This is a programme which is run by The Children’s Food Trust. It gives guidelines to the early years settings to promote healthy eating and meet the nutritional needs of children. This guide helps practitioners to encourage children to eat healthy food and keep them safe from obesity. Eating habits in the early years play an important role in the growth and development of children so that providing nutritious food will be very beneficial for children\’s growth and development.

Early years settings follow the practical guide of Eat Better Star Better on food and drink policy to meet the requirements of Early Years Foundation Stage. This programme is also useful for the families with young children who are aged between 0 -5. It gives training to early years practitioners so that they can advise and support parents to make healthy food choices and ways to cook low-cost healthy meals. This helps parents to make and provide healthy meals and meet dietary requirements of their children at home. Parents can also get advice and suggestions

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