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Eddy’s death brings more to  him than just a heaven: it exposes many aspects of his life he had been set on, and changes his perspective for the better. Just how Eddy’s death brings him into a world of revelations, so does sobriety, with new perspectives being pointed out on a daily basis. As Eddy moves through the five people he meets in heaven, he’s able to learn a different perspective from each of them, as I’ve learned from different people through sobriety. When Eddy meets his first person in heaven, the blue freakshow performer, he’s able to realize he’s responsible for the man’s accidental death.

Eddy isn’t as much guilty as accountable to the fact that he caused the man’s death, and is able to come to terms with it as a result. Just like Eddy, I affected the lives of others in my addiction without thinking about how they would experience the consequences. With my family, for example, I didn’t think about how my drug use would hurt my parents and brothers, and damaged their lives as a result. Just as Eddy can come to terms with the consequences his actions have led to for the blue man, I’ve learned in recovery that I can take responsibility for the pain I caused others, and accept what I’ve done in the past while changing my behavior in the present.

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