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The case show that an important amount of intellectual ability is inherited. In fact, the test scores are increasing dramatically and it is seem that our great-grandparent cannot compare with us. The author gave some evidence to prove for rising test scores. Based on IQ scale, the author said that the average scores have been rising during decade that bring back a difference about a standard deviation between our generation and our great-grandparent. James Flynn claimed that the scores are increasing not only in the United States but also in most other countries. There are some Flynn Effect such as education, smaller families, test-taking savvy and genes. Q1. I believe that people are really getting smarter in this society. In the past, our ancestor can use some raw materials to cook and farm for existence. Through the time, people also have more innovation and invention about the technology, education, etc that have people to improve the quality of life. Q2. I think that I like to choose the explanation about education and genes.

As you know, we are living in a modern society. It means that we have a good educational environment to learn and improve knowledge. Children are educated many things from the language to behaviors. Moreover, there are many ways for us to study better than our ancestor. The genes also affect to our generation. For example, if a family with parents are doctor, their children are usually inherited their parents intelligent genes and choose the same jobs. Q3. I think that there are some social disadvantages to the Flynn Effect. The rising course doesn’t estimate accurately intellectual ability. With many innovation in technology such as TVs, smartphone, laptop…., it is difficult for our grandparent to learn and adapt with those inventions. Thus, when we use IQ scale to evidence intellectual ability between young and old generation, it is not fair. The advantage of Flynn Effect is that it show that our generation is educated better than our ancestor.

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