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1. Pineapples(873) and Cherries (468)

2. Considering the food miles is very important, because when the consumer knows from which country the product was delivered, he or she can decide whether they want this product or not. For example if one type of cereal was brought from Russia and exactly the same one was brought from US consume will see the prices and try to decide which one is better. The one that came from Russia will probably cost less, because the transportation of the product was merely expensive. Also the product from overseas might have an early expire date and could be not fresh.

3. Type of transport plays a significant role in gathering additional information. There are different types of transports- airplanes, trains, boats and trucks. Usually food that was delivered by airplanes will be fresher but also it might have a higher cost. Also the CO2 emission was very high in order to deliver the product.

Also, type of packaging is a pretty important thing. If the product is nicely packed, for example in a plastic film, it means that the product is still good to use. Because plastic packaging prevents any bacteria to come inside the product. If it is a paper package, some consumer may have negative opinion about the product and they may not buy the product. Because the food travelled a long distance it should have a proper packaging, which is sterilized and not broken or ripped.

Agricultural practice in the country of production is also taken into consideration. There is a particular picture in every consumer’s head that each fruit is best at a particular country. For example Bananas from Brazil, Mandarins from Morocco, Pineapples from Ecuador etc. That is why some consumers may buy particular products which were delivered from particular countries.

Some consumers also take into consideration the distance between homes and green grocer location. Green grocer locations sell vegetables and fruits and like majority of all people, they want to have fresh fruits and vegetables on their tables. Of course they will not go to another city to buy some fresh veggies. They will try to find a place that is near their homes or near to the place, where they were collected, so they still have a lot of vitamins and bring benefit to people’s health.

In conclusion, I would like to say that food miles is of course a very important thing that, I suppose, everyone should think about, before buying the product. We all should care about our mother nature and simply cannot ignore such thing as food, which brought a lot of pollution to the environment. Consumers should try to stick with local producers and support their industry in order to decrease the number of food airplanes, trains travelling from one country to another. This will help to reduce CO2 emission and also bring more profit to local producers, and local producers in order to maintain the demand that their company has, will try to improve the quality of their products and bring better products.

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