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The Front Pages of Two Daily National Newspapers Printed on the Same Day Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I have chosen two different newspapers one is ‘THE TIMES’ (it is a broadsheet) and the other is ‘THE SUN’ (this is a tabloid). Considering that both newspapers were printed on the same day I would expect them to be similar and cover the same news titles.

The reason for the difference in style and content is because both newspapers must satisfy a particular audience. People have different satisfactions, so each newspaper must print itself so that it is comfortable for each audience to read. It is the publisher’s best interest to make the paper attractive to their audience as people will find certain things attractive. THE TIMES has small headings in comparison with THE SUN and it also has much more text. THE SUN, however, has large fonts and short sentences this makes it easy to read the language is also very simple compared to THE TIMES.

I am going to start by describing the features of THE TIMES (broadsheet). When I look at the masthead I see that it has a very professional look, it is in capitals and bold the font of the newspaper is also very formal. By looking at just this section of the newspaper I would think that this newspapers audience is aimed at the upper class. THE TIMES logo is royal and has text which is written in French. THE TIMES has a advert, this is a supplement which is to attract more readers. THE TIMES has other stories which are discussed further in the newspaper on the left hand side of the newspaper. The tile of the main story is bold and form it is also not that large and there is a large amount of text below. There are facts which are listed in the article. One the right hand side is a section which is describing a football match. The section is talking about Chelsea’s loss. There is a large picture which has a caption below/

THE SUN is different compared to THE TIMES the masthead is informal and the text is also more rounded and informal. The masthead is red which isn’t formal. Below the red masthead is a advert which is advertising a 28-page sport pullout it is also commenting on the match. The title is very slangy ‘Victorious Fergie turns the air blue’ Fergie stands for Alex Ferguson. Turns the air blue is meaning that he fills the air with bad language. The main story is on the left hand side, it is easy distinguished as the main story as the title is very large and bold this is very different compared to THE TIMES. Where THE TIMES has small headings and more text THE SUN has the opposite less text and a la

rger heading. This is easier for the reader to absorb. The title ‘BANG ‘EM UP!’ is

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also slang as the have used ’em instead of them. On the right hand side is another story. There is a large picture of a celebrity, this is a unimportant story however it is on the front. The title for the picture is ‘What the frock you got on, Harry?’ Harry is the actor of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliff. They have used Harry as this is more recognisable and familiar to readers. The work frock is an expletive. This would not normally be on a broadsheet and they wouldn’t purposely comment badly on others.

There are many similarities and differences between both newspapers. So far I have realized that THE SUN is for the lower class individuals and THE TIMES is for the upper class. The mastheads of both papers are different THE SUN is informal and the font seems more rounded. Both of the papers are discussing the football mach but they both approach it differently THE TIMES are using a pun and THE SUN is using slangy which is more informal. Just by simply looking at both papers I can see that THE SUN has much less text than THE TIMES I think this is because the lower class may not want too much to read otherwise they will lose interest. THE TIMES covers important issues around the world. While THE SUN is not. The layout of THE TIMES is more neat and tidy, THE SUN has a more plain approach it has a picture on one side and a title taking up most of the page and a small section of text. THE SUN and THE TIMES both talk about The Harry Potter film but THE SUN is mocking Daniel Radcliff’s outfit and THE TIMES is giving a review of the film which is discussed further in the paper.

I think that THE SUN is aimed at the more lower class people that have less time and that like to read easy. THE TIMES is aimed at the more professional readers as the vocabulary is more difficult and there is a great deal more information to cope with. The reason why I think that THE SUN is less informative than THE TIMES is because the general layout of the paper and the way it is formatted. The paper is more informal compared to THE TIMES which is formal. Both of the papers have pullouts which are made to attract more people. The price of each paper is also different THE SUN is cheaper this could mean that they spend less creating it, or this is the price that there audience accepts. THE TIMES price is double that of THE SUNS this is much more expensive maybe because they spend more on getting facts and information or because the upper class people can afford to pay this price.

Each paper must suit the needs of its audience THE SUN suits the people that maybe have less education than the people that read THE TIMES. The papers are different and this cause different audiences. People that read the sun like to read less but know more about the situation they like to hear about others troubles gossip (celebrities) and seem to laugh when others are mocked. This is shown on the front cover. BANG ‘EM UP! This title sound violent and the story is about a woman’s plea for to change the terror laws. The other story is discussing the new Harry Potter film and in particular Daniel Radcliff the actor of Harry Potter. This is text on a celebratory and the heading ‘What the frock you got on, Harry?’ is mocking is clothing. THE TIMES audiences are more interested in facts and information also news that is going on around the world and other issues. Some sport and reviews are added. The paper tackles news that are serious, for example the main story ‘Outrage as Paris burns and French riots spread’ this is important. It has a review on the Harry Potter film but there is nothing about a celebratory. Other issues that are causing problems are discussed in the paper.

The papers have to be modelled to attract there readers, I think that both newspapers have there own features and this is what there readers are looking for.

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