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Introduction of TOPIC

1.Teachers’ primary responsibilities involve providing direct instruction to students, which include literacy and numeracy, craftsmanship or vocational training, the arts, religion, civics, community roles, or life skills, all of these are to help students learn specific subject matter while they develop as mature, capable and responsible young adults. 2.Teachers need to impart knowledge of their subject matter to students. This goes beyond simply stating the knowledge that they have gained through their own education. Instead, teachers must possess an aptitude to teach the material through different methods based on the needs of the students. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 3.Teachers need to be able to meet the needs of students of varying abilities within the same classroom. Even though many teachers would like to be able to teach a class of students with similar background knowledge and motivation, this rarely if ever happens. Therefore, teachers have the responsibility to vary instruction and enable all students an opportunity to learn.

4.Teachers are responsible for the well being of their students during the school day. This means advising students on academic and social matters, and observing and reporting whether students’ basic needs are being met at home, including adequate food, clothing, shelter, physical safety and emotional stability. Teachers are duty bound to meet with the parents or guardians of their students about academic and social progress. 5.Teachers have the responsibility to be a good role model in and out of the classroom. They must conduct themselves professionally at all times, including manner of speech, writing, dress and personal grooming. Teachers must be respectful when they refer to and address students within the school. 6.Additionally, a teacher may choose to take on the role of a mentor to students who show an interest in a subject that goes beyond what is taught in class, encouraging them to innovation, motivating students to do more better, etc.

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