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The Gods Must Be Crazy Essay Sample

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The Gods Must Be Crazy Essay Sample

At first impression, the film does not appear to be ill-contrived neither does it come off as rehearsed. The first minutes into the film, the camera pans across the vast safari and then zooms in to reveal an African tribe merrily going about their normal business, isolated from the rest of civilization and oblivious of those things outside their niche. A narrative voice explains the peculiarities of the tribe, quite careful not to intrude into its activities. The documentary feel to the narration was a clever touch to this satirical comedy about the gods of the western civilized world and its contrast with the peaceful tribe.

No later than examining the African tribe, the film then showed the extreme opposite of the simple life in Africa. The narration continues with the same level of objective, dead-pan observation with those who live in highly-developed societies in the modern world. Compared to the African tribe, the world of the west is insanely complex. Everyone is busy speeding along highways in their cars (crashing at some point), constructing buildings, typing stuff in front of the computer while crammed inside small cubicles and so on. Although the modern man is vastly superior to backward societies, his sense of organization, work and lifestyle is in the extreme to the point that it can rightly be called crazy at least with respect to N!Xau’s world.

The theme in the film of the complex, modern man versus the unpretentious yet meaningful lives of the Bushmen, recurs several times throughout the play. On one hand, the former is expected to know his way around. On the other hand, the latter is seen as ignorant and in need of western education. These roles are reversed as the modern man was at wits end when he finds himself suddenly lost in the Kalahari dessert setting; consequently, N!Xau had a number of lessons to teach the crazy gods of the west as against the unnecessary knowledge and material fixation the modern man can offer in return.

In the same vein, the bottle that came from the outside was only good at first but caused bitterness and hostility among the tribe. For the first time, the tribe experienced selfishness and greed because the bottle was a property that can not be shared. Thus, the mission to destroy the thing before it corrupts the tribe was urgent for N!Xau. After seeing and experiencing different misadventures with the white gods, he finally stumbled upon the end of the earth. The film ended with him throwing the bottle and wishing it never to return. The last scene was a fitting conclusion to the satire as it presents the total rejection of the modern man’s progress by an uncivilized yet happy Kalahari Bushman.

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Century Fox, Domestic Theatrical Distribution, 1984.

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