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The good condition of every human being Essay Sample

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The good condition of every human being Essay Sample

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it” (Plato). According to WHO(World health Organization)322 million people, or about 4. 4% of the global population, were suffering from depression in 2015 according to the latest statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The incidence was higher amongst women (5. 1%) than men (3. 6%) A news report published in Express Tribune claims that depression affects 44% of the entire population in Pakistan. Its prevalence is higher in women at 57. 5% and 25% in men.

In Pakistan, 50 million people are suffering from common mental disorders, reports says. Among young adults, depression is one of the most commonly reported conditions,,As many young people may not know what depression is or if they have symptoms of the disorder, education can be very beneficial to those who may need it. The problem therefore becomes, for teenagers who are struggling with mild depression, So,the question is.. What are major causes of depression in teens? College students are one of the highest populations that exhibit anxiety and depression, and this may be due to the rigorous lifestyle many lead.

Because going to class, taking tests, doing homework, holding ajob and having an inconsistent sleep schedule, many college students may have high levels of anxiety and depression. Even though teenagers may say they want to be left alone, and seem to dread spending time with their parents, they still crave attention and affection from their parents. “Loneliness creates an emotional vacuum that is filled by an intense peer culture, a critical buffer against kids’ fear of isolation,” Harvard News Letter,including depression resulting from death or divorce of a parent, an inability to live up to the high expectations of a parent,not being able to conform to unattainable morals or ideals, lack of emotional bonds due to rejection or neglect, receiving too much criticism and/or punishment, and sexual or physical abuse, causing the adolescents to have an inability to regulate stress levels.

Income becomes a factor for depression when the individual struggles to support himself/herself, and if there are dependents it makes it even more difficult. Living in an environment where street violence is an everyday occurrence may increase the chances a teen could become fearful and develop anxiety or depression.

Loss of job and income may also contribute to depression within the family if they are homeless and hungry. Without medical insurance, other families may recognize signs of depression, but may not lmow where to tum for financial help or medical advice. The majority ofthe time many young adults may not have the resources necessary to cope with the stress that poverty may bring, and depression can be a likely outcome. Teenage isolation was also found to be a major contributing condition that may lead to mild depression. Some teens are isolated at school through exclusion by peer groups.

Another type of isolation teens experience is from their parents, as some spend much time alone due to a divorce or separation of parents or having parents who work multiple jobs and leave the teens alone with unsupervised time on their hands. Isolation may have a negative effect on individuals who long for validation, attention and companionship thus creating sadness, loneliness or depression. Exercise to cope with mild depression is effective for many teens who are seeking options other than or in partnership with medication.

Teens should consult a physician before starting an exercise program and should continue to follow doctor’s orders regarding any medication. Starting gradually and charting small successes my help teens have yet another strategy to work through early stages of mild depression symptoms. Involving the whole family in therapy can create a better understanding of the condition and improve the communication, understanding and compassion among members. Participation in therapy could help the individual recognize and change negative thoughts, determine positive ways to problem-solve, and acquire appropriate social and interpersonal skills.

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