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In this world, at times, it is hard to decipher right from wrong. In some parts of the world certain things are just plain unacceptable and others are okay. Where as on the other side of the world the thing that is unacceptable is accept and the thing that is accepted is unacceptable.

Morals and values vary greatly from person to person. I do agree with Lenn Goodman that some things are just simply wrong but that doesn’t mean that the other side of the world will agree. (Goodman, 2010) Unfortunately, morals are simply personal opinions instead of worldly standards. No matter what a person on one side of the world feels as wrong, there is always a counterpart to that opinion somewhere else.

In the United States adultery is illegal and is grounds for divorce. The divorce will always work in favor for the spouse that is was the victim. In other countries polygamy is not a way of life. Husbands have more than one wife’s and its accepted and not considered wrong. The death penalty is another moral issue. Even in the United States, the country as whole conflicts on this issue. Some states are for it and others are against it. Child abuse is a huge moral issue for myself, considering I was a victim of child abuse. Though, in the United States it is very illegal and very much looked down on, other countries do not value the life of a child as our country as a whole does. They have sex with girl and boys at very young ages and it is very much okay. If a child gets out of line beating them till blood is drawn is also okay. Any moral issue I can think of always has a place that it is accepted. So to say that there are worldwide issues that the whole world would view as wrong would be incorrect and unrealistic.

Lenn Goodman mentioned terrorism in his paper. (Goodman, 2010)The United States alone has seen its detrimental effects but the people we are calling terrorist feel they are doing good works due to religious beliefs. Some would say there isn’t a gray area for right and wrong but as I examined my own moral values and beliefs and compared them to others, I see that there are gray areas. It just varies from person to person, city to city, state to state, country to country, and hemisphere to hemisphere. This world is not all butterflies and lollipops, though its diversity does make it a beautiful place but even some would argue that as well.

I read an article that was talking about pedophilia and how is should be viewed as just another sexual preference. (Henley, 2012) I was outraged by that article and wondered who in their right mind could look at an innocent child in a sexual manner. This was a very disturbing moment for me. I have 2 small children and one on the way and to think that possibly one day in their life time pedophilia could be viewed, as just another sexual preference was horrifying. That being said, you can see the argument that to every thing that is thought to be wrong, somewhere there is someone that would argue with you.

So though I do think there should be a universal moral requirement for certain issues, they do not exists. There is always some other culture that would say that your morals are wrong or that the things you feel are wrong are accepted in their belief system. It’s not comforting to really think about but it is very much true.


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