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Introduction of TOPIC

“The Guest” is a short story about a schoolteacher who refuses to take sides in the colonial conflict in Algeria. The short story was written by Albert Camus, winning author, journalist and philosopher. The short story was first published in 1957. The story takes place in Algeria with two men climbing a rocky slope. Daru is a schoolmaster, who also lives in the school house. There is no school when it is a blizzard; all the kids stay at home. Daru has been alone for days in the schoolhouse. Daru watches as two men climb up a rocky slope. The two men approach his living quarter.Daru goes out to greet them. One of them gendarme Balducci, is on horseback a friend of Daru. The other an Arab prisoner who is on foot. It is ironic that anyone should be out in that kind of weather. Daru is very kind to them; he put away the horse in the stables. That was very considerate of him.Daru warms up the school hose to ensure that everyone is comfortable. He treats the prisoner like a guest instead of a prisoner. Daru acts like a host, he free the Arab prisoner hands, from being tired up. This will enable him to move more freely. They all drank tea together and ate snacks. The old friends talk and Balducci has surprised Daru with the mission of turning in the prisoner.Balducci tells, Daru that has been order by the government to take the prisoner to the police quarters in Tinguit. Daru is in a situation, which he does not want to be involved.> He tells his friend that he want do it. Balducci makes him signs a

statement that he has taken custody of the Arab prisoner. Daru is put in a situation which he does not want to be involved. Daru has treated his guest with the upmost respect. Knowing what the prisoner has done, Daru will never have enough knowledge about the Arab to pass judgment. Daru treats the prisoner with respect. He gives the prisoner a cot to sleep on and something to eat. Daru also made sure that the schoolhouse is warm. Daru has several choices to make. He can either deliver the Arab to the prison, obeying the governments order. Angering and isolating himself from the community, he has the choice to set the Arab free, pleasing his community. Daru will be going against the government if he set the Arab prisoner free. The next morning, the schoolmaster makes his decision. He gives the Arab thousands francs and some food, allowing him to make his own decision. Daru points in the direction of the east, that’s the way to Tinguit, the prison. On his arrival to Tinguit the administration and police will be waiting on the Arab prisoner. Daru tells the prisoner that he can go the south and hide out with the Nomads. Daru turned around to go back into the schoolhouse, leaving the prisoner to make his own decision.

Later on Daru looks back seeing the prisoner heading east, assuming he is going to turn himself in. As, the schoolmaster return back inside of the schoolhouse. Daru sees a message written on the blackboard, the message saying “You have turned in our brother, you will pay.” Daru makes his decision based on what he believes to be the right thing to do .Reading the message on the black board Daru had no choice in the matter. If he took the prisoner to the prison his life was in danger or if he let the prisoner go his life would be in danger. He gave the prisoner the option to make his own choice. Therefore, one important fact that a person must do what they feel is right, without feeling how others will feel. Sometimes their might be consequences. It is ironic that you find yourself in situations you never dreamed of; always try to do what is right. Daru was put in a situation no matter what you choose to do you are damned if you do and damned if you do not. The Arab was a prisoner and Daru was the only person to treat him kindly and yet will most likely to die.

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