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The Hegelian Dialectic of problem reaction Solution Essay Sample

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The Hegelian Dialectic of problem reaction Solution Essay Sample

The Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security have absolutely nothing to do with terrorists, Muslims or Islamic terrorists. Both were both conceived well in advance of 9-11. These draconian pieces of legislation were implemented for the sole purpose of waging war on the American people so that the privileged elite can implement their plan to destroy the US Constitution, the US currency, US sovereignty, and ultimately implement a one-world government. There is no clearer illustration of this war than Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent comment about Military Defense Authorization Bill. Graham said “The homeland is part of the battlefield and people can be held without trial whether an American citizen or not.”

So what’s the best way to sell big government, and ultimately world government to the American people who are historically predisposed to an independent republic of limited government? The answer is quite simple: the Hegelian dialectic of problem reaction solution (or the “problem reaction solution paradigm”). This tactic is one of the oldest tricks in the book so to speak, and has been used effectively by ruling authorities since the beginning of time. In simple terms it means to deliberately create problems, and then offer only those solutions that result in the expansion of governmental power and control. Create conditions so frightful at home and abroad that the abandonment of personal liberties and national sovereignty will appear as a reasonable price to pay in return for domestic tranquility and world peace.

If those who seek world dominion can scare the entire nation with exhaustive news coverage about fake terrorists, fake terrorist attacks, and fake terrorist organizations that they themselves created and control, then the peaceful and freedom loving majority can be programmed to accept a vast expansion of government powers, a loss of their constitutional rights (the Patriot Act), and even a Gestapo-like national police force (the DHS) to protect themselves and their families from harm.

If those who seek world domination can raise the specter of an enemy armed to the teeth with atomic weapons on the verge of launching a nuclear holocaust (Iraq & Iran),

and also offer world government as the prevention, then millions of Americans can be programmed to accept the loss of national sovereignty as our last best hope for peace.

In order to get people to accept police state measures at home the global elite need a perpetual, amorphous villain (terrorists) that they can rely on to consistently create chaos, crime and anarchy in the streets. This villain can never be conquered mind you because they can just create new fake terrorists, and new definitions for what constitutes a terrorist. Now people who won’t submit to a specious loss of their constitutional rights are terrorists. People who disagree with the government are terrorists. Ex-military are terrorists. People who believe in the Bible are terrorists. People who have more than a 7-day supply of food in their homes are terrorists. People who own more than one gun are terrorists, and the list goes on and on and on. In short, to sell the idea of world government to the people they need to keep them in constant fear of terrorism and nuclear war. This is how and where they derive their power.

Nearly 100 years ago a very wise journalist named H.L. Menken saw through this false facade, and explained the clever hoax as follows:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and hence clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

In sum, all people on earth face a common enemy, and that enemy is the global elites who intend to turn this world into their conception of a luciferian, totalitarian, socialist state with communist China serving as the model.

To learn more about this maniacal global plot, read The Book of Revelations. But do so in a dark corner lest you be added to a terrorist watch list, for which you will be indefinitely imprisoned without charge or trial.

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