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The History of Tourism Essay Sample

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The History of Tourism Essay Sample

Travel from the time of the Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans and Crusades/Pilgrims have had a significant impact on modern travel. With reference to the sources and to our work in class, discuss the extent to which this is correct. Through work in class, it was explained that ancient travel had an extremely significant impact on modern travel. The Mesopotamians invented the wheel, one of the most important mechanical inventions of all time. This invention had a major impact on today’s travel as without the wheel, long distance travel would not be an option. The only forms of travel would be walking or taking a boat, which would take several weeks to reach destinations that can now be reached in a matter of hours. Another major factor which influenced modern travel was the creation of maps. The first map was made in the 6th century BC by the Greeks, with maps being developed over thousands of years to todays most advanced electronic maps on smartphones and GPS’s. Without maps, the tourism industry would not be as successful as it would be harder to find your way to and from your travel destination. Ancient Romans mostly travelled for leisure, the most common reason for today’s travel. They would visit historical wonders in different countries and take cruises.

They also travelled as part of their education, with writers, poets and lawyers spending their money on taking 2-5 year holidays. This is seen today as schools like ours travel to places like France in order to gain further knowledge and understanding about the countries culture. Pilgrims travelled so they could touch and see the physical manifest of their faith. This is still done today as people travel to take part in religious ceremonies, especially during Easter, Christmas and other religious holidays. Other people travel to famous religious locations including Jerusalem, the birthplace of Jesus. The legacy of Thomas Cook can still be seen in the Australian Tourism Industry. With reference to the sources and to our work in class, discuss the extent to which this is correct. Since Cook’s first excursion in 1841, the travel industry has grown significantly as he has contributed to modern day travel. Work from class explained that Thomas Cook travel agencies are still running today and offer online and offline services which organise travel packages and tours throughout the world. The work of tours is a huge part of the tourism industry today throughout Australia and the rest of the world, with thousands of different tours available including contiki, safari, religious and festival tours.

Thomas Cook’s legacy can still be seen today through travel packages as Cook ran tours during the time of The Grand Tour throughout Europe. This influenced modern travel and can be seen today as people take Gap Years and working holiday visas. Not all travel, whether in historic times or today, is considered to be tourism. With reference to the sources and to our work in class, discuss what types of travel would be considered to be examples of tourism and identify why we might exclude some forms of travel. Work from class explained that tourists are people who travel and stay away from their usual place of residence for one or more nights or longer. Tourists are also people who take day trips into local or country regions.

As shown in figure 1, the tourism industry revolves around 4 main categories: transport, destination, infrastructure and customers. Airplanes, trains, trams, rental cars, taxis, tour, shuttle and public busses, walking and many other forms of transport are used by tourists within but not limited to the industry. Some of the forms of travel including taxis, busses, trains and trams do not specifically run for tourists although once a tourist reaches their destination, these forms of travel are used the most to get from one place to another within local areas. Certain people who travel are not considered tourists. These people include those who travel for work ie business meetings, etc. and soldiers who don’t travel to participate in tourist type activities. These people are classified as travellers.

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