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The Hot Tub Mystery Essay Sample

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The Hot Tub Mystery Essay Sample

Part 1 – The Discovery


  1. What observations did the paramedics make?

Upon discovery and close investigation on the crime scene, the paramedics made am inquisitive observation due and do took notice of the temperature of the water in the hot tub.

  1. List the questions raised about this situation or that you think that the investigators should ask of the maid.

Since the maid was the only person who is discovered in the crime scene, it is only appropriate to ask about what she knew regarding the situation. Also, the investigators should also check the background of the maid to see if there are any motives or presumptive connections between her and the victims.

  1. List any physiological effects that you think would be associated with this situation.

Since there are discovered empty bottles of wine, it is only justifiable to assume that there is some connection between the death of the couples and the physiological effect of alcohol.

  1. How might these physiological effects have contributed to the Underbill’s death?

There is some probable cause that the reason for the Underbill’s death is closely associated with the fact that they are drunk thus delimiting their normal state of alertness leading them to drown.

  1. Make an initial speculation about the cause of the Underbill’s death.

As also expressed by the condition of the victims and the crime scene, there are only two possible cause for the Underbill’s death namely the factor attributed to drinking of alcohol leading to their death and the unusually temperature of the water causing them to faint and drown.

Part II- The Investigation

  1. Do you think that the couple died before or as a result of going under the water of the tub? Explain your reasoning.

As also expressed by the evidences and the investigation, it appears that the couple died as a result of going under the water of the tub because if they did died before going under the tub, there are high chances that their bodies wouldn’t not go under the water at all since they are already dead.

  1. What is the effect of Lasix on Mr. Underbill?

There are two common effects of Lasix on Mr. Underbill as gathered in the investigation, first is that he has to use the bathroom more often and that is has therapeutic effect on him thus ruling that he is using the drug for medicinal purpose.

  1. What is meant by “blood alcohol level”?

Blood alcohol level is the measurement used to determine how much alcohol did a person consumed. It is measured by determining the amount of alcohol in a person blood per specific ratio or quantity that is already mixed or diluted.

  1. What are the general effects of alcohol on the brain? On the other parts of the body?

Alcohol is known to delimit or impair certain cognitive abilities of a person in the brain such as maintaining balance, logical reasoning and spatial determination. It is also known to lower the blood pressure of the person due to its sedative effect.

  1. How fast is alcohol metabolized?

Since it is liquid in nature, alcohol is quickly dispersed in the body after consummation and its effects remain depends on the tolerance level of the person. Frequent drinkers are known to metabolize alcoholism faster than rare drinkers do.

  1. What are the effects of a .20% BAL on a 160lb man and on a 120lb woman?

.20% BAL is already considered as a high level of alcoholism thus its has high effects to a 160lb man and a 120lb woman. Though it is obvious that sometimes women have lower tolerance with alcohol than men thus they display higher delimiting capabilities compare to men. The said BAL is also enough to disable most of the normal functions of the brain and body.

Part III – The Final Report

  1. How does the body regulate blood pressure?

Some of the normal physiological reactions of the body to regulate blood pressure is to modulate the heartbeat of the person and/or adjust the expansion or constriction of the arterial walls and blood vessels to normalize the pressure.

  1. What were the specific effects of the Lasix, hot water, and alcohol on the couple’s blood pressure?

Hot water, Lasix and alcohol are known to reduce the blood pressure of a person and if these three substances were taken at once then its reduction effect will become highly significant or can even posts certain danger for the person.

  1. What could the body have done to reverse the decreasing blood pressure, if it had been possible?

Probably, the bodies of the victims can reverse the decreasing blood pressure by increasing the heartbeat and constricting the arterial walls to initially increase the pressure to normal rate.

  1. Identify several procedures that might have helped save the couple if they had been found unconscious but still above the water and alive.

Several first aid treatment could have been done to the couples to reverse their decreasing blood pressure condition if they were found above the water such as injecting them with adrenaline to hasten their heart movement or give them CPR to revive their consciousness. 


            The physiology of the human body works like a single, intricate machine with one part affecting the whole. In like manner, every single condition that the human body experience has an effect to another system and its function.  This idea can be further explained by studying the conditional effect of some of the cardio-pulmonary system with the nervous system, the kidney and the adrenal glands and vice versa.

            One of the best examples of this idea is the heart rate. It is an obvious fact that the heart rate of the person can be influence by certain emotional factor determined by the nervous system. Feeling of fear is known to drastically increase the heart rate of an individual thus emphasizing the direct correlation between the two. Also, the adrenal glands and their secreted hormones can also influence the heart rate of an individual such as the effects of adrenaline to the heart rate and others. In like manner, the peripheral resistance, venous return, stroke volume, blood viscosity, cardiac output and end systolic and diastolic volumes are also affected by the conditions of the nervous system and the adrenal glands. During moments where there are intense emotions and need for survival arises, the nervous system drastically increase most of the cardio-pulmonary condition such as the ones mentioned to increase oxygen intake and body reaction to cope up with the situation. In like manner, the hormones of the adrenal glands also drastically hasten up the functions of the said system to intensely increase the energy availability and body abilities. For needs to regulate the blood pressure, the kidney significantly influence the said cardio-pulmonary system to maintain the normal pressure and stabilize the body function during adverse situation.

            From this system reactions and cooperative involvement of the major physiological organization of the body organs, the idea or cumulative movement within the body system is directly and explicitly presented. Thus, the whole body reacts as a single entity regardless of the different parts and functions to cope up with the condition of the person and as stimulated by the physiological survival instincts.


Tortora, Gerald J. & Grabowski, Sandra R. Introduction to the Human Body: The Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology. Wiley, 6th Edition. 2004.

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