The Identification of the Components of Physical Fitness important to Golf Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Believe it or not, golf is a sport with a high level of associated risk of injury so there are many benefits gained from maintaining physical fitness. The fact that golf is physically demanding means that by meeting these needs it allows the performers to concentrate fully on playing the game. This is even more important at a higher level where less separates competitors, for example, the success of Tiger Woods has been partly credited to his physical fitness-training regime

Golf swings require a huge amount of quick power and control. This is why strength is important, especially to those competing at a higher level. Strength is the amount to which muscles can apply force by contracting against resistance (holding or restraining an object or person). Strength is important in golf as it provides extra yardage on shots and improving accuracy. The extra length is achieved because of the enhanced ability to boost club head speed propelling the ball a further distance. Having a higher level of strength allows shots to be played with less exertion; therefore more time and effort can be spent on concentrating on accuracy and contact. If when playing the ball ends up in a hazard or in thick rough then it is necessary to have strength to be

able to force the club head through the grass to make contact with the ball and successfully execute

the shot.

Strength helps to reduce the risk of injury because the body is in better condition. Strengthening the lower body, particularly in the hip region, is essential for golf. This region works with the trunk to provide the power for the swing. Compound exercises like squats and lunges will help to develop this lower body strength. For the upper body exercises ought to consist of a general balance of exercises, not wanting to build up the muscles in any area too much due to the loss in movement and flexibility this can lead to. An important movement in golf is trunk rotation. Performing exercises that target the abdominal muscles can boost this.

The main exercises that will enhance the upper body for golf are sit-ups, press-ups and bicep curls. Sit-ups will strengthen the trunk and the press-ups and bicep curls will strengthen the muscles involved in the arms and the chest during the swing. Strength can be tested using “One repetition maximum tests” they are a popular way of measuring isotonic muscle strength. It measures the maximum force a person can lift with one repetition. The participants choose subsequent weights until they can only repeat one full lift of that weight. By performing the exercises and incorporating this test within the training, strength will increase, improving performances.

Golf is about swinging in a relaxed, rhythmical and fluid fashion, this means that flexibility is a key element of the sport. Flexibility is the ability to achieve an extended range of motion without being restricted by excess tissue, i.e. fat or muscle. Flexibility is achieved mainly through stretching, but by drinking a lot of water it is possible to flush out toxins and lactic acid, which cause stiffness hindering flexibility. By drinking water and stretching before playing risk of injury is lowered and flexibility is increased allowing a smoother swing leading to better results. Increased fer backswing and increase distance

* Hit your ball with greater club head speed

* Improve your posture for better performance

* Maintain your spine angle for more consistent shots

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