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As long as natural resources become diminish ,tense relationship between the middle east and the United States and other potential reasons, the price of gasoline rises up. Actually our daily product and economy are immediately related to national oil price, so any fluctuation in prices will influence our society directly. Nowadays, the government decided to raise the price of domestic oil. This policy has caused many complaints from Taiwanese citizen these recent years. And there are three main impacts of high gasoline prices: consumer spending, transportation and popular grievance. The most influential impact of high gasoline prices is consumer spending. High oil costs affect the expenses of shipping and transportation which are the important costing part of companies.If they cannot solve the problem of the upcoming increasing expenses of shipping and transportation then the heavier burden of running their delivery will tend to be absorbed by consumers and other businesses. In economy, it is indeed that what happens to a small part will affect the whole. Second, another impact is transportation, especially mass transportation.

Once people do not want to spend more money on gasoline, they will choose to take mass transportation such as bus, train or plane. Therefore, our country will become more eco-friendly as well as reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. In addition, the traffic in the rush hour will become more fluent. The last main impact is popular grievance. High gasoline prices will trigger citizen’s protest and social disorder. Because the impact of high oil prices directly influence them. News often report that people will line up to fill up gas when the oil price is getting low. High oil prices cause people many inconvenience. Oil surge has influenced all over the world. According to a report published by the International Energy Association (IEA):”high oil prices have hurt the global economic. If gas prices remain high, they may hinder the global economic from growing, stimulate inflation, and raise unemployment rate during the coming two years”. So I think we should treasure the natural resources we have now, for example, water, electricity and oil and the government also has to come up some ways to deal with the fluctuating oil prices.

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