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The Impact of Student Attitude and School Context Towards Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Academic Achievement and Success

The belief of students regarding their own competence as well as their perception and expectation in attaining academic success has been associated with their level of engagement. Their emotional state could also serve to promote or deter students from attaining academic success (Abu-Hilal 2000). The student-teacher relationship as well as the classroom and learning environment are positively associated with student engagement and their academic competence (Hancock and Betts 2002). Several studies also confirms that students usually attain a high level of academic performance in schools that have set a high standard in education and promote quality learning (Lambert and McComb

s 1998) Problem: “How does student attitude and school context

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contribute towards academic achievement and success?”

Research question:

  1. What is the influence of student attitude to academic achievement?
  2. What are the elements of school context that enhance academic competence student engagement?

Research Methodology: This paper is a qualitative, non-experimental prospective type of study. Data collection will conducted through face to face interview or telephone interview as well as administrative records for one school year thus permission from the principal to access student records need to be obtained. The prospective sample of this study is limited to persons who are 15 to 17 years of age. The demographic characteristics of students will also be considered.


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