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The Importance of Breakfast Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

About 31 Americans, or 10% of the population skip breakfast, daily. Some “don’t have time with their busy schedule”. The night before, prepare for breakfast. Set out your cereal of choice, a bowl and a spoon to help with time management. Or some “can’t spare the calories”, but much like a car without gas, the human body is significantly less functional without a good, nutritional breakfast. Studies facilitated by dietitian, Sheah Rarback concluded that skipping breakfast negatively affected activity in the orbitofrontal cortex, the area of the brain behind and above the eyes that affect decisions regarding appetite. When those who skipped breakfast w

ere shown a picture of a high-calorie food, their brain was stimulated more than the brains of those

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who had eaten a 750 calorie breakfast. Eating breakfast helps with weight control, enhances vitamin and mineral intake, helps with clearer thinking and is a good way to get metabolism in gear for the day. Rarback also points out that “breakfast is a time of day, not a type of food”.

Leftovers from dinner will do the trick if cereal and a banana don’t look appealing. Breakfasts with low sugar and high fiber as well as a lot of whole grains is preferred. The low sugar will help with energy throughout the day and the high fiber will keep you full and focused. Not only is breakfast essential to your mental health, but it plays an important role in physical health as well. According to the Weight-Control Information Network, skipping breakfast can lead to the development of gallstones. Going too long without eating leads to decreased gallbladder contractions which empties the bile. However, if the bile does not empty frequently, gallstones can occur. Skipping breakfast can have a serious impact on your health: something Americans need to open their eyes to see.

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