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Today my topic is ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’ and my subtopic is ‘The importance of family’. Nowadays, it is hard to say that every family is happy how it should be. If we ask someone why we need a family, how it transforms people relationships, how it changes the person, probably not everyone could answer. This is because we rarely think about that.

There are only a few families which have normal relationships between the father and the mother. Also, most of the parents do not get on well with their children. For example, in many families if the father or the mother is working a lot, they spend just a little bit of time with their children. It brings us to the fact, that when children grow up and leave the house, they do not contact their parents. It is normal now when a child spends more time with one of the parents – the father or the mother, however it is hard to manage that the child would have the same relationship with both of the parents. It all depends on how much time one of the parents spends time with the child. It is important for both parents to spend as much time as they can with their children, because it is all going to have effect in the future.

Another important problem in present families is that most of the parents are divorced. Parents divorce affects children often, so it is also very important to ensure that child do not suffer bad feelings and so on. Even when you are divorced, it is not that you should, you must find and spend time with your children. The more time you spend with the children the more normal people they will become in the future. Although divorced families life is not normal, people should try to make it easier and not complicated.

In our days three generations – grandparents, parents and children live together. The strong relationships between them are very important too. Especially children have to know a lot about their grandparents – about their childhood, and youth. Children also have to respect grandparents, to help them and take care of them. However, only parents can teach their children that. In that case, if there is no respect and love between parents and grandparents will be not between children and grandparents.

To conclude, it is very important that between family members would be the strong relationships, because only that type of family is resistant to all environmental factors. And the family without strong relationships, respect and love is weak , vulnerable and similar to a one part of a house which cannot stand.

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