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Explain the factors that influence the well being of children and young people “Interest in the conceptualisation and measurement of well-being has recently become a prominent theme across many spheres of policy. The term ‘well-being’ has featured in recent initiatives across a number of departments. To give just a few examples: 1 P Every Child Matters (ECM), a national framework for coordinating and orienting the provision of children’s services aimed at improving the well-being of children.1 2 P Getting it Right for Every Child in Scotland, a new approach to working in children’s services that has developed My World Triangle as part of an integrated assessment framework (IAF), which places the child at the centre and describes factors influencing well-being from the child’s perspective.2 3 P The Local Government Act (2000), requiring each local authority in England and Wales to prepare a Community Strategy, outlining how it would promote economic, social and environmental well-being.3”

“Wellbeing is more than the absence of illness and goes beyond life satisfaction. It is linked with an individual’s physical health, health behaviours and resilience (the ability to cope with adverse circumstances). The Foresight Report (2008) defines wellbeing as ‘a dynamic state, in which the individual is able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships with others, and contribute to their community. It is enhanced when an individual is able to fulfil their personal and social goals and achieve a sense of purpose in society’.9 It is a complex concept, with many potential measures.”

Well being needs to be supported by me by promoting and supporting their attachment, if they have no acttachment they find moving on and settleing into new places difficult with out a secure base to start from. With out the attachment moving on in any way can be tramatic and can cause long term harm. When a child moves on to nursery from me they will have a key worker who will hopefully become their secure base with in that setting. I ned to ove see all of their health needs and make sure they are met. I am taking the baby i have in placement at present to have their immunisations next week.

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