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The Influence of Computers Essay Sample

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The Influence of Computers Essay Sample

The influence of computers is universal. Computers are used in applications ranging from running a farm, diagnosing a disease and designing to constructing and launching a space vehicle. Because the development of computers has been largely the work of scientists, it is natural that a large body of computer applications serves the scientist. To solve scientific problems researchers must deal with the language of science: mathematics. To understand more deeply complex natural phenomena, scientist must use complex mathematical relationships and volumes of data too impossible to manage without the aid of computers. Many scientific computer programs serve the entire population. The links included herein relate to computers and their uses.

A system is collection of components that interact to achieve some goal. A computer system as collection of components, including a computer, that interact to achieve some goal. Note that a computer system is not merely a computer. Rather, a computer is one part of a computer system. a business computer system is a collection of components, including a computer that interacts to satisfy some business need. For example, some business computer system manage inventory, some issue invoices, some compute taxes and so forth. Many business people incorrectly believe that a business computer system is merely a computer, and that if they simply buy a computer all their business problems will be solved. Actually, the computer is only one of five components of a business computer system. The other four components are important and often expensive and integrating all five components into a working system can be challenging task. The five components of a business computer system are hardware, programs, data, procedures, and trained personnel. All five are required for an effective business computer system; take away components and the business needs which the system was supposed to satisfy cannot be met. Let’s consider each of the five components in turn.

Hardware it is the first and most obvious component of a business computer system is computer equipment. Programs this is the second components of a business computer system. Data is the third components of a business computer system. Data means simply the facts that go into a computer to be processed or stored for later retrieval. Procedures are instructions for people on the use and operation of a system. Trained personnel it is the final component of a business computer system. People are needed to develop business computer systems to operate them, enter data and use the results. Transaction processing systems support day-to-day operation. A few examples are ticket reservation system, order entry system, checks processing system, account payable system, accounts receivable system, and payroll system. All of these systems help a company conduct its operations and keep tract of its activities. Computer technology has been a part of our daily lives. In business it covers a vital role where compiler are looking as a system that will help the entity to reach and attain their specific goal, it gives them much easier to work, much faster than before and less to come up with their operation.

The third year students of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology are conducting a survey regarding the needs to improve of a certain business in order to make the company more profitable and efficient. The proponents choose said Pearlbiz Marketing because the proponents noticed that the sales monitoring was not yet computerized including in the inventory of their products. Therefore, the proponents have decided to create software especially for the company. In Pearlbiz Marketing Incorporated, the point of sale is done manually does giving the employee a hard time to list all transaction and records, in this problem we came up to proposed a computerized point of sale system that will minimized all the errors. Filing is a method of organizing office files, especially one that identifies and organizes the major heading under which documents are to be filed. The advantage of computerization in filing is to lessen our time. Supply it is a quantity that are ready to use. Now, when we use computer system we can immediately encode, check is the supplies are correct to avoid lack of supply.


Since the company is using the traditional manual monitoring of their point of sale the following problem was encountered by the employees:

1. Inaccurate monitoring of product stocks.
2. Time consuming and sometimes delayed when it comes to providing reports daily, weekly and even monthly.
3. Wrong product pricing because the accounting clerk do it manually.
4. Have no master files of product.
5. Hard to update product prices, adding new products, and even stocks.
6. To much work since they are manually done.


An Automated point of sale system for Pearlbiz Marketing was designed for the following objectives:

a. To provide an automated point of sale system that has a viewable remaining product stocks. b. To provide a faster way of generating accurate daily, weekly and monthly report. c. To provide an easy updating of prices, adding new products with a correct product pricing. d. To provide a viewable master list of the available products. e. To reduce office paper works when it comes to sales related works.


To the Client and the Employees:

The system will assure to have an accurate daily, weekly and monthly report.
System will minimize errors in product pricing does ensuring a good feedback from the costumers.

To the User:
The employee will not compute and process transactions manually thus minimizing the time consumed.

To the proponents:
They may be able to apply their learning and test their creativity at the same time their analytical capabilities in a more profound level of thinking.


The system is centered on the following Scope and limitation:

1. The system will process the daily transaction, selling of products that will be automatically saved on a secure database. 2. The management will be able to view the master list of product the company have. 3. Employees may be able to update product pricing, add new products , delete products. 4. Employees can update product stocks.

1. The user of the system is limited to two user types, the employee and admin. 2. Computation of any disbursements and profit is beyond the scope of this system. 3. It has nothing to do with purchasing if stocks is not enough.


The waterfall method is being used in the whole system by Winston W. Royce. We use the method by following the phases included in waterfall In Royce’s original waterfall model. We Have applied and use the phases in order: the requirements specification, design construction, integration followed by Testing and Debugging, installation of the program, and last is maintenance.


The study is also made up of descriptive method that will include the content analysis. A review from documents such as computer books, technical dictionaries, thesis and websites will be used. Also it will obtain response from knowledgeable students and employees about the automated point of sale system.

Methods of collecting data

The descriptive normative survey method of research was used because it is fact finding with adequate interpretations involving descriptions and recording. Furthermore the purpose of this kind of research is t report the present status of the automated point of sales system.

Research Instrument

For gathering the data for the research study, a questionnaire was used because it is widely accepted and the most practical way of eliciting information. The researchers also conducted interviews and observation as well as know the implementation of automated point of sales system in a business.

There are 20 respondents of the study. Ten are employees from Pearlbiz Marketing and ten of them are working students in a company who practice automated point of sales system.

This was used to be able to get some information which cannot be gathered through the questionnaire.


This was used to be able to get some information on the actual practices of the respondents. DOCUMENTARY ANALYSIS
This was used by means of references, magazines, Internet, and other studies made by the researcher. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
The following statistics are used :
This was used to find out part of relation of the score of one respondent to the whole group.


This showed how the scores of a respondents to the group


This was used to get a representative score of the group.

This is used to determined the number of responses as perceived by the Respondents or the different categories included in the study. CHAPTER III

Literature, including research studies, related to the present study were reviewed in this chapter. There is a large collection of literature studies written on computer books and business management books that are written in this chapter. This sections confined itself to a review of related literature and studies. Materials published and unpublished are discussed to portray a background to ideas presented in the succeeding chapters. These ideas are formulated by competent authorities with the aim of helping the researcher and the readers acquire the needed information for a comprehensive understanding of this present investigation.

Foreign Studies
On the study conducted by Philip Corsby on 2000 entitled “ Quality is Free”, he stressed the importance of prevention costs.
He stated that “ An effective Point of Sale System can prevent the defects in the design and development, purchasing, labor and on other aspects of beginning and implementing a service”.
We therefore base our system implementation on what he has stated. We are inspired to make a system that could prevent defects in the part of Point of Sale of Pearlbiz Marketing.

A study was also conducted by Armand Feigenbaum entitled Total Quality Control on the year 2000.
“Satisfactory Product go hand in hand with the satisfactory cost.” He also stated that “ One of the Major obstacle of the establishments to have a stronger quality is lack of proper system”.
His study therefore open our mind to the possible cause of the problem encounter by the establishment. Unsatisfactory resource utilization and lack of proper system to be used.
On the year 2001, William J. Stevenson a student of Rochester Institute of Technology ,conducted a study “ Production / Operation Management”.

“Preventive maintenance specially on stocks can reduce the incidence of mismanagements and failure of the company”.
His study that focuses on proper maintenance in a company therefore help us to realize that proper stock maintenance should be met through our entire project making.
A study entitled “Proposed Point of Sale System for a Commercial Bank” was done by O.C. Campos on the year 2000 on the Asian Institute of Management.
He stated that “ The Success of any management Point of Sale System depends on the competence of the Management and a sound organization”. Since we are looking forward of developing a POS System for an establishment his study motivated us to make a simple POS System that might be competently enough and easy to be understood by the management and staffs.

Mohammed, on the year 2002 proposed that for a POS to be successfully implemented three conditions must be met.
“It should be clearly understood and accepted by the operating management and staff. Effective POS it should be made understandable by all employees and the managers, and help in operating the new system should be available to the personnel and all officers.”

Therefore a effective POS must be clearly understood and must be simple so that the employees will have no difficulty in using it.
J. Kanter, conducted a study entitled “Management Oriented Point of Sale System.”
He stated that “ With the ability of the computers to gather, accumulate and turn out information rapidly, computerized Point of Sale system can help management to be well oriented”. His study emphasized the proper orientation in the part of the concerned personnel made easy by the use of computer.

Local Studies
Jeffrey H. Canlas of the University of Baguio conducted a study on the year 2003 entitled “ A Need for Automation”.
He concluded that “ There is a need to automate records and transactions in our country since there is insufficient personnel in some establishments”.
His study showed the needs of automation thus help us to make our system possible and make us a conclusion that Automated Point of Sales System is really needed by the Company.

Guevarra made a study entitled “System: A Practical Approach, a Masteral Thesis for Ateneo Graduate School Of Business.
He stated that “ Completed computerization projects actually generated substantial savings”.
His study therefore is really relevant. It is really true that computerization can really add savings and minimize costs.
Another study was conducted by Edgardo P. Curbita, For Ateneo University on the year 2004 entitled “ Computerized Assisted POS in Selected Food Manufacturing Firms”.
“Proper POS system can help an easy auditing by either internal or external auditors”, he stated.
His study therefore encourage other researcher to develop POS that can be easily audited through report making.

Relevance of the Review of Related Literature to the Study

Having the review of related literature is relevant in developing a system. This became the basis on how the program or work will be developed. The findings they have get from the study help us to be open-minded to the proper system making. The foreign studies we have gathered which were concerned with the simplicity of the system help us to make our system more understandable.

Their different statements and summaries help us to meet our client’s expectation. The studies are really significant for us to identify what possible issues and problem we may encounter during the project making. It helps us to identify the important points on which we must consider for us to create a simple yet effective POS system. They also give us information regarding the importance of having an Automated Point of Sale System especially in a small establishments and company.

These reviews are therefore really relevant to our study. Without these we cannot have and should we say we cannot make a simple system. Out of their broad system and knowledge they have imparted on their studies, pieces of knowledge was gathered and lot of information was provided that really help us in this system making.

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