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The Influence Of Television In Canada Essay Sample

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The Influence Of Television In Canada Essay Sample

Social scientists have conclusively proved the positive impact of such relaxation, which enables one to get back to work with renewed vigor. It is on account of the favorable impact that it has on people, some progressive organizations encourage their employees to go on vacation, expedition, sightseeing etc. This enriches the individual and consequently the society. Television researchers have established a number of reasons why soap operas fascinate to such a large and miscellaneous Canadian audience.

The reasons have been examined with reference to attraction to soaps, and seeing how they fit into the everyday lives of the millions who watch them. Furthermore, the way in which the construction and conventions of a soap opera aids its appeal. Aspects such as class, race, ethnicity and gender in order to determine the pleasures of soap opera viewing and will briefly look at their international appeal. Some of the most popular of them comprise British soaps, for example, Brookside, Coronation Street, Crossroads and Easterners, the American super soaps such as Dallas and Dynasty and the Australian soap Home and Away.

The tremendous boom in this area has made an immediate impact in the awareness level of youth today. They are better informed and knowledgeable than their predecessors. While the group activities like games and expeditions include team spirit, develop social value and interpersonal skills, television and radio give a fillip to their awareness level. They also help in spreading, desirable cultural, social norms and values. The new millennium has seen the advent of a powerful medium of entertainment and education, through the internet.

This shall indeed prove to be boon to students for self-development and career planning. The society in turn is more progressive and enjoys a higher standard of living than in the past. The only disturbing aspect of this boom is the gradual degeneration of moral values in the society. This is due to the over exposure of violence and sex to impressionable minds. So great is the attraction of some media like Cinema, Television and now internet that people get addicted to it. This is indeed very harmful as it distracts them from their work and studies, making them lead a life of an addict..

The most disastrous consequences of overindulgence are, when people try to emulate their role models in films and TV that ultimately leads them on to crime. It is not uncommon to see, many a budding career get snuffed out, even before it can bloom. Notwithstanding the above, the importance and the role of entertainment in our lives cannot be diminished. Some restraint on the part of individual and effectives controls by the Canadian government, can make this medium helpful in enriching the society and the lives of the individual immensely.

Apart from having a number of advantages, advertising, telecast on the T. V also has some evil impacts. Advertising creates the need for products which are not required and this affects the human values. Sometimes advertisements are also used to promote things like alcohol, tobacco, cigarette etc. that can be injurious to health. It creates a desire in the people’s mind. Thus people become dissatisfied with what they have. They desire for things which are not within their reach. This can lead to scene of frustration. Advertising affects the young minds to a great extent especially when entertainment is interspersed with commercial messages.

Adults may be able develop a rational resistance to the onslaught, but children may not. For the TV advertiser, children are very attractive target group to be cultivated. TV advertising for children is an investment for the future. When they turn into buyers they are already oriented towards buying certain brands and kinds of products. Advertisements are also criticized for portraying women in derogatory manner which affects the children and society. Vulgarity and sex must be avoided for the promotion of products. Advertisement should not be allowed to degrade human values.

Advertisements spread awareness about new and innovative products thereby helping in improving the standard of living of people. However, one should be judicious and rational enough to asses the information provided by various advertisements and should not blindly trust them. Through advertising has its negative effects the positive side far out-strips the negative side. The future of advertising is bright if it takes up its social responsibility which will help in the economic development of the country. In modern times, television has become an addition. Not only children, and students but also adults and elders are glued to the idiot box.

They prefer watching only films, music and serials. They cannot differentiate between what is good and what is bad. Constant viewing of programs meant for adults really harm them both mentally and physically. Most of the programs are more of vulgar stuff than entertainment. They promote sex and violence. Contract killing, murders, rape scenes, offering and accepting of bribes, etc. are shown in an explicit manner. These scenes influence the innocent mind of the child. Anything wrong printed in the mind at a tender age can never be removed at a later stage. Today, for students back home from school, television is a must.

They would like to have their meals with the television on. They forget their home assignments. They lose their connection in studies. They are loosing interest in playing games and pursuing their hobbies. They prefer watching television rather than playing games. Sports events like cricket, tennis, wrestling, etc. entertain them a lot. The regularity of life and punctuality of work gets disturbed. They don’t give due importance to studies. Regular viewing of the television also makes them lazy and affects their health. They are not able to complete their home assignments and their studies get neglected.

Constant viewing of the television causes damage to the eyes. The result is that most children wear spectacles. Late night television viewing adversely affects the health. It causes indigestion and other health related problems, as there is no physical activity at all. Some children do not eat properly as they indulge themselves in television viewing while some overeat. These children suffer from deficiency diseases. Today most children are obese because they spend more time sitting or relaxing in front of the television. Cardiac problems are on the rise because of obesity.

People these days suffer from kidney problems,, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, etc. The latest survey says it is all because of addiction to television. Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow, if such a routine prevails, the children and youth will have knowledge only about films and related topics and nothing else. Watching television is not that bad. It is just like a knife which can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables as also for stabbing a person. Much depends on the viewers. They should watch only those programs which help them in gaining knowledge. Excess of everything is bad.

They should not be glued to the television till late hours. Young minds should not be exposed to violence. It is duty of parents to guide their children. But simply preaching will not help. Parents should also give more importance to the informative programs in the presence of their children. They should encourage their children to play games and also participate in co-curricular activities. The electronic media should telecast the right programs at the right time and in the right time and in the right way. The government should also check the program planning and objectives of the electronic media.

The programs include exaggerated and meaningless advertisements meant for promoting the sales of consumer goods. In the name of comedy, vulgar serials are telecast. Nearly 80% of the programs are movie-oriented and of no practical value to the viewers. The other serials also project corrupt and criminal elements as leading luxurious lives, enjoying the best of comforts that present day life could offer. Infidelity, adultery, cheating, womanizing, drinking, indulging in anti-social activities, corrupt police and government servants, terrorists, hoarders, drug peddlers, etc. are the main theme and characters of these serials.

Contract killing, murders, rape scenes, offering and accepting of tribes for leaking out state secrets, etc. , are shown in an explicit manner for the benefit of the viewers, most of whom are children in their formative stages. In every episode, hardly 10 minutes are devoted for the story of the serial. The rest of the slotted time is lapped up by advertisers who are called the sponsors , and play crores of rupees for the time that they get.

They also offer fabulous prizes including foreign trips, cars, valuable dresses, jewelry, etc. A man tells his wife that there is a party in his office and is about to invite her. After noticing her graying hair, however, he tells her she need not come. The women resorts to using a particular brand of hair dye to look better, and the husband begs her to accompany him. Now, graying is a part of the ageing process, and either of the spouses should not neglect or ignore each other on account of this, the hair dye could be recommended in some other way.

In another advertisement, because a synthetic power for making soft drinks is available, the models including a mother and a child throw away as ‘useless’, very healthy looking and fully grown oranges. Natural food is much better in nutritive value and vitamin content. Another woman is fed up with her washing machine as some detergent powder can wash clothes much better. So, she pushes her heavy washing machine through the window of her tenth storey flat. In real life, if some one does such a thing as this what would be the fate of those walking on the road?

Most of the advertisements are exaggerated or highly objectionable. In a country like Canada, there are over ten programs in which the host or the hostess asks the viewers to send their replies only on postcards. Now, the postcards are heavily subsidized, for they are meant for the poorer section of the population. Every program receives lakhs of post cards in response. The subsidy on the postcards is thus utilized by the well-to-do sections of the population, and in the process, the postal system which is becoming more and more inefficient day-by-day,.

It is a pity that a powerful medium like TV should be issued thus. Through the programs take care of entertainment; education and information are not advisable to the viewers. It is high time that the intelligentsia, social workers, parents and other responsible citizens, rose in protest against the manner in which the powerful medium is being misused. Unless this trend is arrested, the country would be ruined one day, as the children and youth would have knowledge only about films and nothing else.

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