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The specific role of the information systems as it relates to any organization is the ability to reach and respond on demand, in-real time and from a distance. It also influenced competitive strategies, the efficiency of operations, improve organizational performance, business processes, relationships with customers and other limitless possibilities in with an organization can run or operate. Some of the newly developed information systems help make changes in marketing, operations,

marketing, operations, e-commerce, logistics, human resources, finance and accounting. So in retrospect, an information system has more than one specific role in regards to how it plays in an organization.

So, for example, a retail store is run by an information system of some kind. Whether it be an in-house system, like Targets, or a third party system, like Exception Based Reporting (XBR). These systems have three basic components: Input, Processing and Output. The input gathers information from the customer at the register, when about to make a purchase. The information the customer or cashier receives is then processed to generate an output. So the information that is outputted tells the organization their peak hours of business, what is the most targeted band or items they are selling, the average dollar amount spent during those peak hours and how many of those sales are returning customers, in which to target sales and promotions. Those are some of the ways that they work in an enterprise.

How can an it system initially help a company advance?

Like I stated before in the previous questions, one way an IT system can help a company, depending on the market, is reaching out to its customers and/ or keeping people informed in real time and from anywhere. It provides limitless opportunities for marketing, logistics, and operations to better improve their relationships with the customers. In today’s industry, now companies have no choice but to invest in IT systems in order to stay afloat and not to go out of business. For example, today’s mobile devise have applications and many companies have a company application for customers to download and use. This helps companies market certain deals to certain areas, at different times and it goes directly to the customer, instead of have to spend more money on ideas that people may not even see. Companies saw a drastic increase in sales to having an invested in IT system.

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