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1. How has the internet affected marketing and the models we use to understand it? The internet has changed the world in which we sell. It reaches beyond being a new channel for marketing and offers a new paradigm for the way consumers connect with brands and with each other. The models in which we use to understand and crafting a digital marketing strategy:- Context, Objectives, Value exchange, Tactics and evaluation, Metrics, ongoing optimization.

2. What role does online research play in the overall market research toolkit? Online market research is the process of using digital tools, data and connections to glean valuable insights about a brand target audience. Technology plays a role in gathering data and communicating with research participants and makes the whole process quicker and easier to manage than traditional offline research methods. Traditional and online marketing research have the same goals and underlying principles, but online market research has the benefit of using digital technology which provides a range of benefits.

3. What is content marketing strategy?
Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing variable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately, to drive profitable customers action.

4. How do you decide what new forms of content your brand needs? Cresting truly engaging content is one of the greatest challenges marketers face. To effectively develop this type of content your strategy has to be exceptionally focused you have to find out who your audience is in order to create content that is meaningful to them. Establishing your brand entity will determine how you approach the content you create. A unique selling point differentiates your brand, in order to produce relevant, engaging content you have to understand your audience. Creating your brands story, blog post, websites and write papers

5. What sources can a UX practitioner turn to in order to gain user data? Are these limited to online sources only?

6. Which is more important in web design – functionality or look and feel? Why?

7. What role does a website play in an overall digital marketing strategy?

8. Why should users dictate your content? List some ways in which users’ needs determine content.

9. For some real online copywriting practice, choose an article from a magazine or newspaper and rewrite it for an internet audience.

10. Why do customers respond so positively to personalized communication?

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