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Inventory management is a vital part of any retail business, whether it’s a traditional brick-and-mortar shop or an online Web site. Inventory management provides you with critical information about the condition of your products, such as whether you are low on stock and your inventory needs to be replenished. Inventory management also provides your customers with accurate information, letting them know when items are out-ofstock, back-ordered, or pre-orderable. Failure to provide your customers with this information puts you at risk of losing future business. Inventory management also gives you insight into which products are selling well and which products are not. This information allows you to make better business decisions on how to market your products, and whether or not to carry them.

Inventory Systems Features
The Inventory System in Commerce Server comes with many important features that aid in the real-time management of inventory for items in your catalog. These features allow you to do the following: • Display real-time inventory conditions of your products and product variants, including in stock, out-of-stock, back-ordered, or pre-orderable.

• Filter products and product variants listings to show only those products that are currently available in stock. • Decrement inventory levels when orders are processed.
• Receive notifications when inventory levels reach an out-of-stock threshold. • Integrate inventory levels with LOB applications.
• Gain insight into how well products and product variants are selling. Additional Inventory Features
The Inventory System also includes the following features:
• Inventory APIs. The Inventory APIs allow developers to directly interact with the Inventory System. • Imports and exports of data. Inventory data can be imported and exported either using the Catalog Manager or by directly using the Inventory APIs.

• Bulk updates and deletions. With bulk updates and deletions, you have the ability to update or delete multiple SKUs in the inventory catalog from a single operation.
• Transactional operations. All operations performed during an import or an export can be run in a transaction, so that any errors that occur cause the entire operation to roll-back. • Integration into LOB systems through BizTalk adapters. The Commerce Server BizTalk adapters allow you to integrate the Inventory System with other LOB systems.

• Full text search. All metadata associated with the Inventory System can be searched and queried along with metadata from the Catalog System.
View a chart on how Project Inventory Management works for you. Break Large Projects into smaller managable tasks.
Manage inventory specific to each task in a project.
Automatically adjust requirements for each task when transfering inventory between them. Track budgets, purchase orders, task orders, shipments and inventory for each task in your project. Monitor the total project budget and committed funds.

Authorize new tasks and individual task budgets.
Ship to an individual task or a completed project.
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