The ITN News and the BBC News on the Story of the World Cup – Brazil Beats Britain Essay Sample

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The difference between the ITN news and the BBC news at first aren’t very easy to notice, but as you start to analyse two you can start to reveal the comparison between them both.

The ITN news and the BBC news are both on at 6’Oclock this is a great significance because most families go to sit down after they have gotten in from work or school and are ready to sit down for tea and watch television. Both news programmes are watched more at 6’Oclock along with the 10’Oclock news than any other time in the day.

Both programmes first stories is the World Cup – Brazil beats Britain, I think this is very extraordinary because normally the sports stories are towards the end of the news, but on that day they have been put in before the crime and murder stories along with any other stories that may be of more importance.

They both have two parts to the story, one bit at the very beginning of the news and one after the rest of the stories towards the end of the news. This is very important to notice because most people only watch the important stories and the highlights so towards the end of the news it gets less viewers, and the first part of the stories is longer and more detailed.

They is something they both do have in common which is the fact that both of their anchor’s are both wearing the same smart clothes and the anchor’s outside of the studio are casually dressed.

The background in the BBC news studio is a real studio were as the one in the ITN news programme just looks like they are trying to make it look like a real studio when in fact it is actually a backdrop.

The tone of the newsreaders for the ITN news is catchy, with shortened sentences and has a more upbeat tone than the BBC. The tone of the newsreaders for the BBC news is negative, depressing and is a slow report like someone or something has just died.

The use of the St George flag is very important, in the BBC news it is shown many times, where as in the ITN news it is only shown once. The BBC used it has a decoration, it is sectioned in pictures, used as a bullet point and is been shown take down as a decoration along with pictures of David Beckham, Michael Owen and David Seaman in high street supermarkets.

The BBC news doesn’t have many outside interviews apart from Gary Linekar and Sven-Goran Eriksson where as the ITN news has both of those interviews and interviews from some of the players, supporters and even some children from schools that had been watching the game. The ITN news also had broadcasts from other places. One of these broadcasts was from Rio in Brazil shows the Brazilians celebrating across different pubs and a few interviews whilst the BBC news just showed a small clip of them celebrating.

The BBC news tries to catch your attention by saying some short sentences that are alliterated, such as “Brazilian brilliance British blunder”. Even though the BBC news may have some alliteration in their talk they lack rhetorical questions, this is an aspect the ITN news have picked up on with sentences such as “did he mean it?, was he lucky?, was it the heat?”.

Both the BBC news and the ITN news were trying to find reasons for why Britain lost against Brazil. Except in this case the BBC news were trying to find fault with the team whereas the ITN news was finding any reasons and were saying things like “did he mean it?, was he lucky?, was it the heat?” and the BBC news were being negative towards the team and were saying “there a young team and need more experience”.

The main feature was David Seaman and how he let the winning goal in. Even though it was a horrible mistake to make, both the ITN news and the BBC news were quick not to blame him and for the public not to make him a scapegoat like they did with David Beckham in the previous world cup. Even though they both did this the BBC news were quick to point out if the public didn’t hate him, it would probably be his last World Cup and they started referring to him in the past tense, “he has been”.

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