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The Jinn Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Once again he had gotten himself into trouble, the head teacher of wilbury school who was yet again shouting as well as spitting repeated ‘Potter!, do you have any idea what you have done?’ She never realised she had accidentally spat on Potter especially that she had said the letter ‘p’, and as Potter was wiping the saliva of his face he had not paid attention to one word she was saying, instead he was saying to himself ‘Thank God my name wasn’t Peter Pan’ and during that moment the room fell silent as if it were to be continued, both the head teacher and Potter turned their heads to find Potter’s mother.

She had angry look on her face and you would expect a mother to shout at her child straight away but instead she started crying, ‘Potter, why?’ in such a way that guilt had crept inside Potter which instantly made him lowered his gaze. The silence broke again ‘Why on earth would you hit a teacher for? You know how much you got in trouble before and you always say that you’ll change but here we are again’ his sobbing mother finished.

Potter was in the office for quite a long time but after all that drama his end result was exclusion not for a day or part a day, but for a whole month.

His father had passed away during that month due to his smoking addiction and his mother well she never spoken to him since the notice of the exclusion, because of this he felt even more remorse. During his exclusion period he started going to the park regularly to avoid his mother crying again, he also started reflecting about the incident grieving of why he done it. Time went by, green grasses were bending in one direction as if they were bowing, along with a gentle wind blowing, with the sun glowing red; it was evening Potter was watching the people leave the park one by one up until he had arose. Potter was walking along the path to exit when his eyes came across a funny looking man. The funny looking man had a long beard, the beard itself was about a fist’s length, but it was kept neat and tidy

Potter took four steps pass the old man when suddenly a voice shouted ‘you boy, come here’, Potter looked behind himself suspiciously and turned to find the funny looking man saying ‘come here I would like to ask you something’ Potter finding it hard to resist slowly obeyed and approached him with caution. ‘You looked troubled my boy, I could see you wasn’t happy a mile away’. Although Potter had no idea who he was, his regret was too much for him to hide away his problems, and then Potter had begun telling the funny looking man everything.

Anyone would be shocked to hear a boy at his age hitting a teacher, but the funny looking man smiled with his eyes closed then had started telling him a story. Potter was listening with much heed but curiosity his mind, and so he asked the funny looking man a question. ‘What is a Jinn?’ and the funny looking man answered wisely ‘my boy, it is another creature, a creature that cannot be seen by man’. Potter’s face became full of fear; his breathing started increasing, and he could hear the funny old man continuing with the story to tell Potter about the Jinn. As soon as the funny looking man finished Potter was sweating, so much so that it looked like he had poured water on himself.

Potter ran without even having a chance of looking back, he was in such a state

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of fear and terror that he had reached home in minutes. Potter opened the door, and slammed it behind him.

He quickly ran inside the living room and shouted while sobbing ‘mum I’m sorry!’ and then ran upstairs to his room throwing his covers around himself. His mother entered his room and said ‘what’s the matter darling?’ he replied ‘it’s nothing mother, I’m sorry for being bad, I’m sorry making you cry’ sincerely. After him and his mother had their talk, she still did not know truly what was wrong with him.

A jug full of hot chocolate, with which steam could be clearly seen was slowly cooling down as Potter was lying in his bed, his sobbing had stopped but he was still questioning himself about the Jinn, ‘just what are they?’ he said. A few minutes later he had forced himself up and logged on the computer, he searched Jinn and quite a lot of results had showed up but only one result caught his eye ‘Video: Jinn inside women’ it said, he had clicked it while shaking the mouse.

He had watched the video with terror in his eyes, he had become totally frozen just gazing but then his legs starting shaking out of the ordinary, he got up his body was shaking; he went to bed his cover was shaking, he couldn’t stop shaking and stayed up throughout the night shaking. Weeks went by, people were praising him rather than shouting him, they were giving gifts to him rather than confiscating his things. Potter had a dramatic change during those weeks, he thought to himself that if he became good, then no Jinn will harm him this was the concept he kept giving himself, he had continued doing so for years.

A normal Saturday came by, Potter decided that on this day he’ll get fresh air rather than stay in all day and since the he saw that video he never went out except to school. As Potter entered the park, he saw the funny looking man once again and this time he approached him carefully and said ‘Hello, how are you?’ the funny old man replied ‘My God you’ve grown up, I would never of recognized you if you hadn’t said hello’, Potter smiled and said ‘A lot of things happened while I was growing up’ and took a seat next to the funny old man.

Potter started explaining what had happened over the years, the funny old man smiled and said ‘My boy there’s nothing to be scared of, God created them in order that they worship him, they have ordinary lives like us, yes they have the power to go inside us but God had exalted us above them so do not worry for indeed He has sent Angels to protect us from their harm.’ Potter face became full of delight so much so he had given the funny looking man a hug and at the same time a kiss on the cheek, Potter ran picking up flowers from the grass and throwing them in the air as if he were a little girl running to her mother’s call. From that day forward, Potter returned to his old ways but this time he had developed arrogance which the funny looking man had said ‘do not be arrogant, for arrogance leads you to associate other gods to the one and only God, do not even die in a state of arrogance.

Things went from good to bad; bad to evil; evil to worse. Potter had totally returned to his old ways, a lot of things happened, he is now 36, and he’s married the queen’s daughter but soon after she had passed away as well as her mother, this meant that he was king.

The wealth and the worldly gadgets had made him blind to see he was arrogant, he knew that everyday he lived he was getting closer to death and will soon meet the Angel of Death the one who comes in any form and the one who also separates the soul from the body. ‘Wake up sir, Wake up sir! You’re going to miss your meeting if you don’t get up’ his servant said in the early hours of Monday, Potter quickly opened his eye’s and grabbed the servant face to face and whispered ‘Never touch a king, you are my slave kiss my foot now!’ the servant grieving slowly kissed his foot then Potter had punched him and said ‘What did I tell you? Never touch a king!’ smiling with satisfaction. Potter had so much arrogance that he woke up arrogantly; he ate his breakfast arrogantly and picked his clothes arrogantly, even when he was picking his horse he picked them arrogantly, he was living the life of arrogance.

The country side was peaceful when he was indoors, but when he left his house it was complete silence, the only thing that was heard was the footsteps of his running horse. Potter was on his way to his meeting when he saw another male on a horse preceding the opposite side, when they were side by side the male stopped and said ‘Peace!, I have something to tell you oh Potter’ and Potter continued to ride his horse then the mysterious male quickly added ‘it’s important that you know!’ Potter immediately turned and approached him ‘what is it you want?’ the male replied ‘come closer’ adding the gesture, he then said ‘closer’ and again said ‘closer’ up until they were mouth to ear with just enough space and said ‘I am the Angel of Death’

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