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“Mrs Evans?” he asked. “Mrs Rhiannon Evans?”

“Yes my dear, this is she, nevertheless whom are you”? Mrs Evans inquisitively questioned. As soon as she nattered, Scoop was struck by the upper-class feature of the old lady, but also appreciated that she communicated with slight enthusiasm.

“My name is Appleton, Scoop Appleton. I am from ‘The Sunday Blare……”

Mrs Evans abruptly interrupted Scoop.

“Yes, yes, I was expecting you. Mr Appleton, you have arrived in the nick of time, I was just about to make a brew, you wouldn’t care to join me?” Mrs Evans at this moment in time appeared quite overjoyed and prepared, maybe she had not socialised with a person for quite some time, and on the contrary she was made aware of a journalist’s visit. Scoop seemed obliged for her kindness, and could not wait to get stuck in; after all he thought a story reminiscent of hers would be worth quite a bit.

“Please come through take a seat,” Mrs Evans proclaimed.

“Thank You,” replied Scoop.

“I am just going to put the kettle on, so make yourself comfortable.” Scoop was getting prepared for what was going to be a long but interesting afternoon, after all interviewing a woman who has been through so much and being able to make quite a bit from it. Mrs Evans took her time making some tea, but soon appeared inside.

“Notice anything fascinating,” Mrs Evans voice struck Scoop, he did not notice of her arriving, so thought of snooping around.

“Yes, Ye…..s, Mmmrs Evans, this medal looks quite fascinating where did you get it from,” Scoop’s stuttering reply, said it all. Mrs Evans acted as if no-one was there and dramatically changed the subject. “How many sugars do you take?”

“Just the two, thank you,” Scoop answered.

Scoop continued to gaze around the room; however Mrs Evans read his mind and also stared at what he was bearing in mind.

“Mrs Evans, you don’t mind if I embark on this interview.”

“Of course not my dear, this is something I have eagerly anticipated,” Mrs Evans replied convincingly.

“How have you managed to cope with your husband’s death, I mean the loss of him must have been a very unpleasant experience,” Enquired Scoop?

“Well, it was not easy, especially to lose the main and closest family I have and then I lost me beloved. I had struggled to overcome this for quite a while, but getting in with life has been even difficult than I expected.” Mrs Evans graced hold of a tissue, as she had a few tears dipping down her face, most understandably why.

“I’m sorry, but we do not have to carry on with the interview, it is in my best interest for this interview to be less affliction of pain to you,” Scoop sorely asked.

“No please, I would like to share my problems, get them out.”

“Have you been able to carry on with your life, get a job, doing something, at least moving on from your husband’s death?”

“I had one, but I failed to come to the terms of the manager, he was similar to my husband and somehow reminded me of him who left good and bad memories, and most of all the time at work was torrid. I experienced a few years at a supermarket. Mrs Evans began to get her act together with some convincing answers.

Scoop’s facial expression was that of sincere feeling for Rhiannon, as she was in an upheaval struggle. “I would like to know a bit about your husband, was he an alcoholic, did he hurt you?”

“Um, he was a very nice bloke once you got to know him, but we had plenty of ups and downs, disagreements, but not the kind of what a normal married couple would have. He was not obsessed with drinking, however there was a time when he flipped, totally went out of control he was drunk furthermore I think you could tell from this…..” Mrs Evans face went bright red as if she was hiding something. Soon she unveiled her lower stomach.

“What are you getting at Scoop, are you questioning my intelligence. I am absolutely surprised, firstly I am the one who was married to him and thus should know of his likes, problems. This incident was at a pub, just down the road. Some say it was a brawl, but I was not there.”

Scoop was shell-shocked by the storming upturn in Mrs Evans attitude. He knew he had to reignite the peace between the two otherwise he would fail to get the whole story and truth uncovered.

“I am sorry if I hurt you then Mrs Evans but please forgive my actions. Anyway, I come to now that your husband was hanged, not the appropriate way to end life is it.”

“Scoop, I accept your apology. This is some detail that is difficult for me to accept. They tried him, hanged him that was all. Apparently it was injustice, he did not get a chance to redeem himself and have his say but that’s the law for you. I would not like to get involved with whatever thing that happened with the brawl, anything that was associated with it is not part of me and hopefully never will be.”

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