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The Journey Essay Sample

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The Journey Essay Sample

I feel a tear trickle down my left cheek as I approach the stadium, the stadium where the Olympic games are being held. Finally after all these years I have managed to arrive at the Olympics. Not as a spectator, no, but as an athlete. Getting this far wasn’t easy, but when I say, “I am going to be a champion I am going to the champion.”

Five years ago, I was a dedicated swimmer. I swam at least four hours a day and that was only the warm up, but something horrific happened as time passed by. I became egoistic, lazy and my commitment decreased. Then to make matters worse, I stopped following my usual healthy diet; I ate whatever, whenever. I grew fat. My weight tripled in one month and by the time I was prepared to swim again, I couldn’t. Other than the reason that I looked hideous in a swimming costume, I was also embarrassed. I stopped swimming altogether. I took up different activities to occupy my mind but nothing was ever the same, nothing was like swimming.

Previously swimming to me had been life. Every time I touched the water, my heartbeat would race, and as I slowly glided through the water, I felt as though I was floating through air. I had been very passionate about my swimming that I decided to give up my studies just to focus on my passion, I had never regretted making that choice, until I rebelled and grew fat. My father saw my sadness, in fact he saw right through me. He then wisely asked, ” Do you want to be a spectator, or do you want to be the performer?” I realized I needed to regain everything I had lost; I was going to be the best swimmer ever!

Losing weight was difficult. The temptations were endless; from homemade gourmet meals to luxurious mouth watering all-you-can-eat buffets, but all I did was wipe my drooling saliva. I ate only raw green vegetables and that too a meal a day. I hated it although it wasn’t easy.

After a year of dieting, I noticed my weight wasn’t going down as fast as the models on television. Some days I felt really low and just wanted to back out of swimming and cry. I used my hands to try and cover my entire body but all I could do was accept the fact that I was fat and ugly. It took a whole lot of courage to put on my swimming suit. I would have never even touched it if not for my father. I realized it was going to be harder than I expected but I decided to swim again. Such was my determination.

After swimming the first lap, I was out of breath. I pushed myself to do another lap but I couldn’t even reach half-way. I was so heart-broken because I thought it seemed impossible to regain what I had lost. Everyone stared at me as though I was an alien; some pointed and giggled cruelly. My mother saw me crying. Her words of wisdom were, “Never feel inferior, everyone has a gift so seize the moment.” Motivated, I crept back on the stairs of swimming and returned to training. Every time I veered off my path to success, my parents would always be there to steer me on course. I realized I couldn’t let my parents down.

After a year of vigorous training, I had regained much of my former self and felt I was ready for almost anything. My self-confidence rose like a rocket into the sky. I was so caught up in my wave of happiness. I jogged in the morning at least five miles to maintain a steady stamina but with my newfound confidence I doubled the amount and started training triple the hours. Soon I was the fastest swimmer around, not just in my country but also in all the neighbouring countries. However my happiness was short lived.

Life struck me a cruel blow. I was driving and singing along to a song on the radio when I made a wrong turn and ended up in a road accident. By the time I woke up, all I could remember was a flash and a big bang. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t. I could not feel my right leg at all because it wasn’t there! My world came crashing down on me; all my hopes and desires were crushed by that car crash. It was the end of the road for me… when one day, my mother eagerly handed me a newspaper article and the headlines caught my eye, ‘Paralympics to be held in two years.’

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