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The Last Stand Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

It was amazing, thousands of people facing us. Each one of them wearing black leather, smothered with an immense amount of chainmail, with spears in their hands and daggers at their thighs jeering and mocking us. Their lord was on a pure white horse which seemed to be tired of its life. One could tell that this horse used to be free and full of life, but now captured by the Goths it appeared to be a ghost.

A tradition of war was for each side to gather on a flat barren land. Each side would then demonstrate their power by means of weapons and soldiers. We only had a handful of soldiers. Each one ready to die for Sparta. We wore cloaks of pure silk, sparkling with the blessing of our priest. We were armed with short effective swords and spears which were engineered to the highest specification. If any army decides to return home then they are free to do so. If not they will have to spend the night in contemplation of how to win the battle the next morning.

The Goths were a powerful and tyrannical nation. Their might was second to none. They had taken over nations that ruled nearly the world. No one had been able to stand in their way. The Romans and Persians which were the super powers of the world were crushed by the Goths. They were only successful because of Lord Krattan; their vigorous leader who was quick to act when any sound of opposition reached his ears. In this way before a large force was gathered to battle the Goths they were destroyed mercilessly. They had no law and order and they killed one another for pitiful differences and only joined

forces when called upon by Lord Krattan. We, The Spartans, only

had a small force of warriors. We were the last stand for the world against the injustice of the omnipotent Goths. We were not as heavily armed as the enemy but we were organised people. From the moment we took our first steps we were trained to fight by our forefathers. We were indoctrinated in every field of fighting, from defensive techniques to attacking procedures. The emotion of fear was ripped out of our hearts. We were taught to forget the meaning of fear and replace it with bravery. We were prepared to embrace death like a loving friend. This was our culture and this is how we lived for hundreds of years. Even though our army look puny and pitiful in the eyes of the Goths we were ready to die for our people.

We would never give up and succumbed to the rules of injustice. For this purpose we have devoted our full lives to this and we do not know what will happen in the next few hours as the battle against evil begins. This could the last few hours of freedom for the world. If we lose then all hope is lost and there will be no purpose in life and Lord Krattan will have the ability to rule the entire world.

I take a short sweeping look around my camp and see my soldiers preparing for battle. They know not what my decision is. Even if we withdraw from the battlefield they will hunt us down. We know that Lord Krattan is never true to his word. My decision will affect the lives of my soldiers and of everyone around the world. I am the leader of the Spartans and have a great responsibility thrust upon me. I spend the night mediating on whether I should return home or fight till at last I notice the rays of the sun penetrating my tent, giving me a natural countdown until the battle commences.

When the bullhorn is blown, the hearts of the Spartans will explode with the spirits of the warriors. The Goths will rush forward, frothing at their mouth with lust for our blood. They will swarm around us and attacks from every side. Each soldier will have their skills tested to a limit never experienced before. We will have to defend each other and all that we have learned in our lives will be put to the test.

All the hardships we went through. All the skills that we learnt. The pain that we were taught to be immune to, the lessons we had in battle strategy and to laugh in the face of death will help us in the conquest to free the world of the dark oppression of the Goths.

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