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The illness has taken its first life and people are starting to panic. By this point the crew has done all they can do to get the repairs done pushing them self to exhaustion. The nurses and helpers are tenting to all the patients and distributing the vaccine as fast as possible and to the right patients. I believe the way they are only giving half doses out and waiting to see who doesn’t show signs of getting better before giving the full dose is working and an affective way to calm more people down. I would try and isolate patients from non-sick passengers as much as possible to help prevent spread.

For ship security most cruise lines or any kind of passenger ship should and would have a security team even if its trained crewmembers. They would also have a brig on board the ship for any type of crime that was committed, so in the case of the passengers who are starting to get edgy and wild trying to find the medication on there own and attacking crew members, I would have the security team deal with them in a manner that is stern but professional to show the rest of the passengers that in this case acting like a mad man and attacking crew to find the medication is going to land you a chance card straight to the brig. The captain should be updated by the doc every so often by a runner just to know what is going on with the illness.

His main concern should be getting his ship in a condition to get them back to land as soon as he possibly can. Or at least close enough to get a helicopter on board to start removing passengers. The engine room shouldn’t be worried about fixing the engine good enough them back to land but just a quick fix that can get them in range of air support and possibly a tug boat if
possible. The crew as a whole should show care for the passengers but at the same time they are in charge of that ship and are at risk of the main consequences when they get back to land. It is up to the crew to be professional and do their job but also be stern and strong for the passengers to show them that they have a leader in this kind of situation.

Rhonda the nurse is doing a great job taking care of the patients. She might be rude and angry at times but when you don’t get much sleep and are working so hard with patients that are constantly whining and bugging you trying to get something out of you that you cant give them, yeah your going to be grumpy. She is doing her job and being very firm with her patients by not letting them coax her into anything that would disrupt her work. Putting out chores for the passengers to do like cleaning and even helping wherever they can will help not only keep the ship clean and possibly get I fixed faster, it will also take their minds off of the issue at hand and possibly even release some stress they have built up. The passengers need to be doing something other then just sitting around watching people get sick. Once you can get people to start helping out around the boat you will have less aggravation and stress build up.

So we get back to shore and the media wants to interview the leading doctor (Me). Handling the media is a big deal and takes very good and clear talking. You need to present yourself professionally and sympathetic to the passengers. Trying not to say to much into detail about what happened is key too. You don’t want to leak bad things to the media so they can blow it up making you and the ship-liner look bad. The reputation of others is at stake. Make sure you say how amazing of a job the crew did organizing for the on-load of medications and getting the repairs done to make it back to shore. Only share the basics about the passengers. Don’t mention anything about the stress levels rising to high or any violence that broke out due to stress. Try to stick to the symptoms of the virus and how the drug being administered affected the patient’s outcome. Keep the story as positive as you can and make sure you give full credit to the staff and assisting passengers reassuring that you couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone on board.

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