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1. The individual I have chosen to do my biography assignment on is Paul McCartney. 2. Paul was born June 18, 1982 in the Anfield section of Liverpool, England; where his family has been for generations. 3. Paul McCartney is a world famous singer-songwriter and musician, most famous as a member of the iconic pop-rock band The Beatles along with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. After The Beatles, he formed, and was the frontman for, the band Wings. 4. Paul McCartney was always regarded as the “the cute Beatle”. He had a baby face and was always very young looking. Paul has always been known for his big, brown eyes and he had, just like the rest of The Beatles, a mop top hairstyle. After The Beatles, he often had a beard and a very shaggy, untamed haircut. 5. Before reading this biography, I always admired Paul McCartney and I thought he was one of the most important and influential figures in the history of modern music. I have always been a fan of the Beatles and although they’re not my favourite band, I’ve always admired the musical talent of Paul and the other Beatles.

6. I think Paul should recognized because he was one of the most influential people in the history of music and he has had one of the most interesting and remarkable careers. He has lived a very public, famous life but there are parts of his that only few people know about. 7. I picked Paul McCartney because I am a huge fan of music in general; especially rock and alternative rock music. I also admire all of The Beatles’ songs and some of their songs are brilliant in my opinion. The Beatles were sort of the pioneers to a new age of music and I have always been fascinated by their work. I am especially interested in Paul because he had a very successful post-Beatles career and had done many admirable things in his life. 8. What makes Paul’s life so remarkable is the amount of success he had with not only The Beatles, but with Wings and his solo career. It is really incredible how much he achieved and how hard he was willing to work to achieve what he wanted. Although he had made some mistakes, as all people will, he managed to handle all of the pressure he had quite well.

For example, even though he enjoyed all of the popularity of being a Beatle, he didn’t let it go to his head and his main focus was always making good music and putting on a good show. Although Paul’s career was very remarkable and his work ethic was inspiring, his love and devotion to his first wife, Linda, was very admirable. Paul had gone through his fair share of relationships in his early years as a Beatle, and he let the fame go to his head a bit as he wasn’t always loyal to his early girlfriends. Once Paul met Linda, everything changed. He still loved music and was committed to his work, but the commitment he showed to Linda was very admirable. Paul and Linda’s love was one of the most famous in the world at the time and when you’re in the spotlight all the time it can be hard to hold a relationship together. Although Paul did make some mistakes in his life, overall he lived a very admirable life and I think his love and commitment to Linda really shows that. Just like all of us, there were some shameful moments in Paul’s life, but luckily they weren’t too bad and he managed to get through them and move on.

One of the hardest times in Paul’s life was during the final years of The Beatles and leading up to their break up. He He was unsure what to do with his life and he had fallen to a low point. There were groupies and drugs all through his house and his life was a mess. He spent his days engaging in sexual activity and sitting in his glassed in meditation chamber smoking marijuana, thinking about his life. Even though Paul lived a mostly admirable life, there were some shameful parts of his life, most of which involved drugs. 9. The one characteristic that was by far the most influential in Paul’s life was his lively, energetic personality and how much energy and will he had to do things. This helped Paul accomplish a lot and proved to be very helpful in his life, but it also could hurt him and proved to be a challenge at times in his life. Paul was always characterized by his energy and it seemed to influence his every move. Would The Beatles have had the same success without Paul’s energy and enthusiasm and drive to keep improving? It’s hard to say answer that for sure, but we can say that Paul’s energy definitely influenced him greatly.

His energy and drive and that always kept him busy could be a good thing, but it sometimes proved costly as he had a tendency to overextend himself and burn himself out. For example, Paul’s energy was one of the reasons The Beatles broke apart. His differences with the band and especially John Lennon, but Paul’s continuous push to always be on the road and creating new material added extra tension to the already unstable relationship of The Beatles. 10. Throughout his life, Paul made many mistakes; some bigger than others. Many of his mistakes are common mistakes that rock stars make, not that being a rock star can excuse any of his mistakes. Drugs always played a big part in the life of Paul McCartney. The Beatles started taking drugs in Germany to help them stay awake and energetic, but after the band was introduced to marijuana by Bob Dylan the drug changed Paul’s life forever. Paul fell in love with marijuana and he loved the feeling it gave him. He was arrested for possession of the drug multiple times.

The most controversial of which was when The Beatles were flying to Japan for a tour, customs officials found a bag of 8 ounces of marijuana right inside Paul’s luggage. He hadn’t even tried to cover up the drug; it was right on top for everyone to see. This resulted in Paul going to jail for ten day’s in Japan and The Beatles tour of Japan being cancelled. There was also a time when police found “strange plants” growing at Paul’s farm in Scotland – the Mull of Kintyre. Paul was also a frequent user of LSD and although not as much as his counterpart, John Lennon, Paul also experimented with cocaine and heroin. If I were in Paul’s shoes it would’ve been very hard to stay away from the drugs because they were all around him and being a rock star gave him easy access to all of the drugs he wanted. I would have tried my best to stay away from all of the drugs, and even if I did happen to use a bit now or then, I would use much less than Paul did. Also, Paul made his affection for drugs, especially marijuana and LSD, very public.

I would’ve kept that more to myself to keep a better public image. 11. Paul’s life has had an impact on millions of people around the world for many, many years. From the thousands of girls screaming his name and passing out at the sight of him, to the countless people he continues to inspire with his great musical abilities and success. Through Paul’s success he has become a very influential person and he can easily impact people. The impact Paul has had on people is a very positive one. He, along with the three other Beatles revolutionized music and helped inspire a sense of individuality and freedom in many people. One lesson that young people can learn from Paul’s life is to always have fun and enjoy the moment. Out of all The Beatles, Paul was the most outgoing and flamboyant and he was always taking it all in and enjoying all of the perks of being as famous as The Beatles were.

We can all learn to take it in and enjoy the moment because we will never know when it will all end – just like the unexpected breakup of The Beatles in 1970. This leads in to another lesson we can all learn from Paul’s life. There will be points in life when things fall apart and we fall down, but we have to get right back up and keep moving forward. Paul was devastated when he lost his mother, but he turned to music to help him express his emotions. Also, after the breakup of The Beatles, Paul wasn’t exactly sure what to do, and he fell in to a lazy useless life filled with alcohol and drugs. But after a bit Paul realized he needed to continue with his life, so he started to make music again and this helped him get through the tough time. There will always be tough times, but it’s always possible to make it through. 12. If Paul McCartney was walking down the street and he walked by a music store and saw a window display of guitars and he saw a Rickenbacker guitar, he would definitely stop and take a look.

Rickenbacker guitars aren’t very common and it would be a rare experience to see one in a store window. The reason Paul would stop is because John Lennon was famous for playing a Rickenbacker 325 guitar, and it was the guitar he used on The Beatles infamous appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Although John and Paul had their differences, John was one of Paul’s best friends and he missed him dearly. The sight of the model of John’s old guitar would stop Paul in his tracks and make him think for a second and think back to the times of The Beatles. The memories he shared with John would always be with him and seeing something like John’s old guitar would bring him back to those memories. He might even be tempted to go into the music store to try out the guitar and maybe even play some Beatles classics. 13. To me, being a hero is being someone who has lived a remarkable, notable life and has many good qualities and has done many things, small or big, to change people’s lives for the better. Hero’s aren’t always the stereotypical superheroes that save people’s lives and fight crimes. They can be anyone, famous or not, who positively impact people’s lives.

In my opinion, Paul McCartney is definitely a hero. He, along with The Beatles, changed many people’s lives and helped revolutionize the music industry forever. To this day there are millions of Beatles fans, young and old who look up to him for what he has accomplished and how he got to where he is now. Paul has not only revolutionized music and inspired millions, but he has stayed humble and has always tried to make the best decisions for himself and others. A hero is much different from a celebrity because being a celebrity is all about being famous. Although being a celebrity and being a hero often go together, there are many celebrities who have done nothing remarkable and are still famous, and there are definitely many heroes who aren’t celebrities. Along with being a hero, Paul McCartney was also a celebrity. He is arguably the most famous rock star of all time. When Beatlemaina was in full swing there would always be thousands of screaming fans, following him everywhere he went. During the mid-60s he was one of the most famous celebrities in the world and although the days of girls chasing him everywhere he went are over, he is still one of the most famous figures in music.

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