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The Little Rebel Essay Sample

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The Little Rebel Essay Sample

Charlie rose to another day of rules and regulations. He was sick of it. It was worse at meal times. He knew all the mealtime rules all too well. Blow not your nose in the napkin where ye wipe your hand. Scratch not thy head with thy fingers, nor spit ye over the table. Blah, blah, blah. Well, today was going to be different. For just one day he was not going to abide by the tough rules, for one day he was going to do what he wanted to do! They would probably be twice as tough on him the next day, but who cares? They would call him a rebel.

A rebel! He liked that. He sat up in bed and shouted at the top of his ten-year-old lungs, “Charles Andrew Blicking is a rebel! ” He jumped out of his bed onto the hard stone floor. His four-poster bed filled nearly the entire room. Charlie stared at the bay window across the other side of the room. Luckily he was on the ground floor. Still in his nightshirt, he ran to the window, slowly opened it, and climbed out onto the grass. Even though it was only six-thirty in the morning, the sun was shining, and it was warm.

His day of adventure had begun, his one day, the 28th June 1581. The Rebel’s Day. The tall, structured Elizabethan house was set right out of the way, in the countryside. Charlie looked around him. Where could he go? The town was only a mile away, and he decided that he would go there. His parents had taken him a few years ago for his birthday, but he couldn’t really remember it. They said it was not a nice place. Well, he would soon find out. He walked through a field on the side of the dirt track road.

He was separated from it by a large hedge, which he decided would make it so that no one going along the track could see him, and then take him back to the land of rules. Charlie walked, and walked, and walked. He never knew that a mile was so long. He finally made it. The first of the houses were in sight. “What dislikeable houses! ” he thought. “Not nearly as nice as mine! ” He passed by all the houses until the town slowly started to become more and more dense. Shops started to break into the spaces between the houses.

But as Charlie went deeper and deeper into the unknown, the dirtier and smellier it got. As it was so early there were not many people on the streets, but those that were gave him the most outrageous glances. He looked at himself, and it suddenly struck him that he was still wearing his nightshirt! “If time did allow, I would change it. But it does not”, he said out loud to himself. As he walked by yet another doorway, he saw a small figure curled up and wrapped in a blackened blanket. He went over to the doorway and stood over the figure. It was a boy, asleep.

He only looked about fifteen, five years older than himself. The boy stirred, raising his eyes to Charlie’s he sat up. “Good ‘morrow. What is ya’ name? ” “Charlie. And who might you be? ” “They calls me Andrew. How do you do? ” “Very well thank you. May I ask to what circumstances banish you to live on the street? ” “Me father threw me out. He could bare afford to keep me ya’ see. ” “That’s awful! ” “It is the way of the world. What purpose does ya’ wear this ere’ garment? ” The boy stared at Charlie with a look of confusion and amusement.

Charlie decided that he couldn’t tell the boy he had run away. Here Andrew was, without the choice of having a home or not, and he was running away. It may only be for one day, but it was a little ungrateful. It suddenly struck him how distressed his parents would be when they found out he had gone missing. Taking this in great consideration he decided to lie. “Clothes are of too high a price, this silken dalliance be the only thing my parents allowed to my person. Then they threw me out like a dirt-ridden rag to the street. Sorry to be rude, but I must depart.

Good day. ” “Good day Charlie, maybe we will speak again someday soon. ” More people were beginning to wander round the town, even though it was still early. Charlie went into a state of great thought. Sub-consciously he watched where he was going, without realising it. “How ungrateful I have been”, he thought with a little sob. “There are people on the streets without a home, and yet I take it for granted. ” He continued with these self-persecutions for some while. He looked round, and it was then he realised he did not have a clue where he was. He was lost.

He sat down by a wall, and began to cry. “What’s the matter, young man? ” A man of obvious authority had walked up to him. “Oh sir, I have been naughty, and ungrateful more than you can imagine. I ran away from home to this very town, even though my parents treat me kindly, and I am so ungrateful, so ungrateful. ” As this was said at very high speed, the man took a moment to absorb the information. “Well, well, well. ” He muttered. “We will just have to take you back to this beloved family of yours, boy. At least you realise that you have done wrong. Come along.

Where is it you live…. ” Once Charlie had told him, he began to lead him along the streets. After some while Charlie recognised the houses, and the road he had come down to get into the town. “Only another mile now, my boy. ” Said the man. They finally arrived at the house, Charlie stood timidly on the doorstep. The man stepped forward and gave a rap on the door. After a moment it opened to reveal the housemaid. “How can I help you good sir? ” “Well I think I may have something in my possession that belongs to you, madam. ” The man stepped aside to reveal Charlie. The woman screamed.

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