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The Loot Essay Sample

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The Loot Essay Sample

The loot is a multi branded discount store, offering customers a wide range of products with a minimum of 25% and going up to 70% discount through out the year. The store retails brands world class brands like Adidas, Nike, Red Tape, Lee Cooper, Spykar, Pepe Jeans, Arrow, Eccentrics, Provouge, SF Jeans Wrangler, Levi’s, Benetton and many more. Every one can expect something at the loot, from a casual pair of jeans and T-Shirts to formal trousers and Shirts. The loot also stocks an attractive array of accessories, the range varying from belts, caps, school bags to ladies hand bags and wrist bands.

All accessories shelved are vibrant and trendy, those that’ll you can put on casually for daily use. The range of jeans is very wide, and picking the right shade can be a problem. The jeans sport shades of grey, blue, olive green, brown. They are available in various fits and patterns like boot cut, low waist, straight fit and mid waist.

Apart from the known Indian brands the store also sources products from the global markets, most of which are unavailable in the Indian market. The store stocks exclusive products from brands like Tuscan Verve and Thomas Scott. The loot stores located at Chembur are much like the Loot stores located across the city.

The loot started of as a franchise of various brands and later, moved into the current format of ‘Value Retailing’ in 2004. Post the launch and stupendous success of the first store in 2004, the loot has set up 14 outlets, which are currently operational. The loot’s strength as a retail chain lies in the fact that they offer value for money. Its excellent supply chain management helps in getting better pricing from the manufacturers and thereafter they pass the benefits on to the consumer. The loot currently offers a right mix of formals, semi-formals, casuals, semi-casuals and sports category of clothing. The store also offers an exciting range of footwear from brands like Red Tape and Lee Cooper. Among the current offers, you can buy any Red Tape shoes for Rs.995/-. “Where else can you get Red Tape shoes for Rs.995? “Points out Ashwin, a regular at the store. The big bottoms sale is the best Ek Ka Do offer you can get. “Prices here are unbeatable” quips Mr. Singh.

This unique concept store is one of its kind and with fresh stock added regularly, you can walk in more often.

It is a one stop shop for anyone who’s looking for a good bargain, but importantly without compromising on quality and that too in an ambience which will put regular stores to shame. With opening up of more stores on the anvil, the loot has propelled discount retailing to another level. Located in the prime Atur Park area, this sprawling store is spread across 1000 feet. With international shopping ambience, good customer service and well lit show rooms the loot not only promises value for money but also makes sure that you get quality products and service. In fact along with discounts, they provide value added services like alteration, exchanges and surely stand by what they sell. Staff at the loot helps you choose the right shade and color, the right fitting and print that suits you. They know much more about the products than mere basics. Alterations are done on the same day, except during festive seasons.

Now if you think, this is a factory or a second’s outlet, you’re absolutely wrong, this store does not sell any defective, shop spoiled or seconds stock. “If looking for special deals, this is the place to be”, adds Ashwin. The loot offers up to 60% discount on most of the current range of products in the store.

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