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By using huge earth-moving machines, they pile the gold-bearing ore into mounds the size of pyramids, then spray them with a solution of cyanide to leach out the gold. In a series of steps, gold is then removed from the drainage at the bottom of the heap and is further refined in smelters into pure bars of the precious metal. The major areas of environmental regulation acts are:

* Clean Air Act
* Clean Water Act
* Safe Drinking Water Act
* Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
* Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act
* Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
* Oil Pollution Act
* Pollution Prevention Act
* Toxic Substances Control Act
* Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Roadenticide Act

Pollutions generated by gold mining are as follows:
Deforestation: Mining operations require the clearing of an area around the mine for extraction operations in addition to the space required for the mine itself. Water Contamination: Gold are removed from the earth and crushed. Then miners commence gold extraction processes. Substances are added to the ore that react with gold but not with surrounding rocks. Air Pollution: Air pollution is created from several processes associated with gold mining. Open air mining, sometimes called open pit mining, involves digging in vertical levels to prevent danger from falling rocks. Haul roads are placed near the mines to collect waste and ore.

Soil Pollution: Because a small amount of gold is extracted from large areas of land, large piles of toxic tailings and waste are the result of gold mines. These piles can cause heavy metals and other toxins to penetrate the soil, preventing plant life or creating high levels of toxins in plants Alternative policy approaches the government to take more initiative to make rigid decision to stop the contamination .For the mining companies’ government should put more tax and some other new rules and regulations. Every individual also take responsibility to make our environment improved. There are rules and regulations which already exist, government must follow them strictly for example air pollution act, water act, urban planning act.

The international human-rights organizations use existing international legal frameworks as an important guide when evaluating and presenting their research findings. Additionally, some local as well as international human-rights groups have begun to use different mediums for presenting their research findings. For example, Witness, previously a project component of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, uses videography as its primary campaigning medium. Nonetheless, the main substantive tool for research dissemination for most human rights organizations remains a written report or informational booklets, which are often preceded by report summaries and press alerts. For international human rights organizations, there is a general format to these reports.

According to human-rights organizations contains seven fixed elements., these include expressing concern, stating the problem, setting the context, enumerating the sources and methodology employed, detailing the allegations, citing relevant international and domestic law; and calling for the required action. This outline does, in fact, capture the layout of most international human-rights organizations reports. Neither the format nor the methodology used in compiling such reports differs significantly among the larger international human rights NGOs. However, there is a great deal of variance among national and thematic international human-rights organizations regarding the quality of research and the degree to which international legal frameworks play a role in determining findings. Therefore, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) should not have to play any sort of a role in reducing these impacts. The governments of the various countries in which are gold mining companies will ongoing conversation about how best to encourage best environmental practices in their industry.

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