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The Man with the Scar Essay Sample

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The Man with the Scar Essay Sample

The narrator saw generalscoresby in a banquet.scoresby was honest and reserved. A clergyman sat by the narrator.he worked for some years in the military. he told the narrator that scoresby was a fool. the narrator was astonished. he was aware of two things. the clergyman was truthful and his judgement was good.later he told the narrator about the general.the clergyman worked as an instructor in the military academy. young scoresby was a student. he was a good but dull. the narrator taught him some important topics.scoresby did well in the examination.scoresby got the first prize to a dull student. he was sure that scoresby would face a lot of trouble one day.the war started. the clergymantook part in the war to protect the country against the wrong acts of scoresby.the scoresby was made a captain.he comitted many blunders in the war.they helped him.his fame increased with each blunder.he went up from grade to grade.it caused worry to the clergyman.he thought that scoresby’s life will be miserable if his blunders were found out.

The colonel died .scoresby was next in the rank.their regiment occupied a very important position.A blunder would bring them distruction.at that time their regiment went to a hill,where there would be no enemy.The clergyman thought that it was their end.to their ‘luck’,they found the Russian army there.the Russian thought that entire English army came to attack them. they fled from the battle ground in confusion.The won the battle.scoresby became a hero because of his blunder.He mistook the right hand for the left.An order came to support their right.But he went over the hill to the left.it was his luck. he had been a shining soldier in all the wars for many years.his military life was full of blunders.But they brought him great success.there were many medals on his dress.they were the proof that a man would get the best if he was born lucky.

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