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The Matrix Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The opening sequence of the matrix immediately introduces us to a computer with a bright green flashing cursor, the camera remains still as if to be a computer screen, and then lots of numbers, letters and symbols scroll down the screen, which could be computer language this shows the audience that computers are part of the narrative, and then a female and male begin to speak. We are given the impression that they are speaking via phone by a ringing sound before the conversation starts. Whilst the conversation is on the topic of how the female is watching someone the female then gets the impression that her conversation is being tabbed as she says “are you sure this line is clean?” to the male, the camera begins to zoom in on the symbols to an extreme close up. The camera then goes inside the symbol and shows all the dimensions of this one symbol.

Through the symbol there appears to be a tunnel with a light at the end. The camera, which is continuously zooming in, then follows through the light and comes out as a torch being held by a police officer. This gives the impression that the computer is some how connected to the to the scene and that the place and situation has happened because of, or as a result of the computer and that you have to go through the computer to get to this place. However this may not be as obvious to someone who has not watched the film before.

The camera then shows a group of police officers that are obviously looking for something or someone; the camera uses a long establishing shot at a bottom angle to show this. The colors and the scenery are all full of dark gloomy shades and colors like black, which adds to the sense of danger.

The police officers then come to the room and opens the door to a woman sat in a chair, the audience then get the impression that this was the woman having the conversation as she has been caught, this relates back to the previous conversation that she had, which again leads us back to the computer.

The scene is then cut and the outside of t

he building is shown with lots of police cars surrounding the building, this shows that the girl who

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we have seen is in a lot of trouble. It is then cut again and we are shown three people dressed in three dull brown suits, gelled back brown hair, with black sunglasses on, they appear to look like agents getting out of a car. This is odd as it is night and sunglasses aren’t a necessity. They then have a conversation with a police officer and then the obvious leader of the three (the one who was having the conversation) says that the policemen are already dead, this gives the impression that the three people have come across this girl before.

The camera is, at this point at a low angled shot making the three people look important and the police look irrelevant.

The scene is then cut again and we go back to the room with the girl in it. We are then shown the girl’s eyes in a bright light, most of the other characters have either had covered eyes or shadowed eyes, and this makes her look important and makes her look innocent, she could be the main character. People think this because they were introduced to her first and she was the first person the audience heard.

The policeman then tries to handcuff her, defining that she has done something wrong, but she hits him and then does a surreal kung-fu move and he falls dead, all other officers run towards her, she jumps really high in the air so her foot was level with the officers head as though to kick him. The camera shot then freezes whilst she is in this position and pans 180? around her, so it shows one side of her and then it pans round and shows the other side. This connects the viewers to computers as the girl is behaving like an action figure on a computer game.

A very action packed scene follows as the girl kicks a chair at one of the remaining officers, and she very quickly dodges the shots that are being fired at her by walking up walls, this makes the audience feel safe, as if she has some sort of powers. We instantly side with the woman, even though she is in trouble with the law. She kills all the officers. She is then shown in a top shot from a corner slightly out of breath with dead officers around her. This again gives the impression that this girl has some sort of supernatural power or that the rules of things like gravity don’t apply to this girl which relates to the computer (action figures), the top shot gives the viewers time to relate the comment made by the agent and this scene giving the impression that the agent also has some sort of power.

The camera then shows the agents walking down a corridor this emphasizes the speed at which the girl must have gone at to kill all the men as it wouldn’t have taken that long to climb a building.

The camera then shows the girl from a side shot whilst she is making a phone call. She speaks to a man named morpheous and tells him that the line was tabbed, he replies I know, this gives the impression that morpheous is watching her, she then asks if there are agents he then replies yes. This proves to us that he is watching her, just like someone was listening to her on the phone via computer, however we do not know how he is watching her at this point.

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