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Introduction of TOPIC

Nowadays, the global business became a complete and has high speed development, it is requires only an organization achieve excellence can survive in the competitions.

The meaning of organizational excellence is hard to be defined exactly. Throughout and beyond all organizations, whether they be manufacturing concerns, banks, retail stores, universities, or hotels, there is a series of quality chains. Failing to achieve excellence in any part of a quality chain will leads to create problems elsewhere or more failure. (John S. Oakland 1989) Every one in the organization must achieve excellence, and then the organization can achieve excellence. Excellence must be managed. The organizational excellence is not only producing good quality products but also making the organization work effectively. (John S Oakland, 1999)

The organizational excellence can be achieved by total quality management (TQM). TQM is the way of life of an organization committed to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. (Gopal K. Kanji, 2001) TQM based on customer results, the highest weighted category of all the quality and excellence awards. (John S Oakland, 1999) Achieve organizational excellence requires start at the beginning, establishing obsess ional commitment and leadership. After identified the CSFs and KPIs, which tell us what our organization’s performance now, the organization should make their own core processes. Such as organization must know what market needs, in order to balance the cost and quality to achieve the organizational excellence. After deciding core process, analysis this process is next ste

p.  Excellence management system will function with adequate audits and reviews. So self-assessment

will offer feedback to organization. From feedback organization can adjust the process to accomplish continuous excellence.

TQM can be used in all industries to help organization to achieve excellence. In hospitality industry, the chief mission is to offer excellent service. Delta Hotels is a good example which is excellence in customer services and employees. Delta Hotels is the largest first class hotel company in Canada, which manages and franchises 40 hotels and resorts from coast to coast. Delta Hotels Known for its innovative marketing strategies and close customer focus offering leading edge products and services, Delta was the first hotel company in the Canadian marketplace with One- minute check-in service guarantee for its Delta Privilege customers and the first company to offer guests Great Meetings Guaranteed.  The excellence can be achieved by provide quality service to internal customers — employees. The motive of employees will affect the organizational excellence. For example, one of Delta’s guarantees states that all employees will receive their annual performance review within 30 days of their anniversary date. If their manager (the Company) does not meet this service guarantee, the employee will receive one week’s additional pay on their next paycheque. This initiative ensures a quality assurance platform for its employees as well as supports Delta’s overall quality approach. (

Another good example for organizational excellence is Champs. Champs is one of the best restaurants in UK. Champs made its mission to be the best sports restaurant & bar in U.K. So fours on its mission, from design for restaurant & bar to design for menu, Champs has very special style. Sports fans are Champs’s main customer group. In champs, restaurant and bar area are separated and jointed by till as the same time. There are many TV broadcast different sports matches in restaurant area and bar area as well. Sports fans can have dinner and drinks and watch the games they like as the same time. And many famous players’ signatures, pictures, and equipments they used before are on the wall. (


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